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11. “OUR HERITAGE” Drake - Raymond Newell Queen Elizabeth - Marjorie Battiss Ladies-in-Waiting - Pat Taylor, Renee Stocker, Richard Wynne Soldiers - Frank Leighton, Jack Leopold, George Nelson Sailor - Rob Currie Ladies of the Court. PART II 12. “WILL YOU KEEP THAT DATE IN PICCADILLY CIRCUS?” (Lyrics by Roma Campbell-Hunter, Music By Manning Sherwin) Phyllis Robins, Frank Leighton and Chorus 13. “GOOD-BYE, SALLY” (Words and Music by Arthur Riscoe) Arthur Riscoe 14. “THE DOCTOR SAID” (By Vernon Sylvaine) Servant - Ann Coventry The Visitor - Sydney Howard Mr. Rowland - Jack Leopold Scene - Mr. Rowland’s Home. 15. A SONG OR TWO Phyllis Robins 16. “SEEING LIFE” (The Night Club Scene from “Wild Oats”) Night Club Visitors - Ann Coventry, Frank Leighton, Raymond Newell, Renee Stocker Guests - Sydney Howard, Arthur Riscoe First Guest’s Wife - Vera Pearce Another Guest - Richard Hearne Maitre d’Hotel - Jack Leopold A Gigolette - Pat Taylor Policemen - Frank Leighton, Richard Wynne A Waiter - George Nelson and Cabaret Girls 17. “THE LANCERS” - Richard Hearne 18. THE SONGS OF HAYDN WOOD Frank Leighton, Benita Lydal, Pat Taylor, Raymond Newell, Renee Stocker, Richard Wynne 19. A GUEST ARTIST Vera Pearce Members Of the Audience – Sydney Howard, Arthur Riscoe The Manager - Richard Hearne 20. FINALE - The Entire Company