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the club they meet up with Tim, and he and Jane persuade a reluctant Nigel to try out his singing voice. (It's Easy To Sing) News of the piano's irregular activities reaches the ears of the fun-hating Minister of Pleasure and Pastime who threatens to suppress it. Tim and Jane decide to hide Minnie, but find to their dismay she is really lost. (We're Looking For a Piano). Jane meets the Tramp again, who does not seem at all perturbed by the disappearance of the piano, and she is able to relax for a while to enjoy the summer and sunshine. (The Time of My Life). She and Timothy receive unexpected help in their search from Tim's Uncle Zed, a zany scientist who conveniently descends in his flying saucer and whisks them off for a bird's-eye view... (The Saucer Song). Meanwhile their anxious mothers lament that they never know what their children are up to. (We Don't Understand Our Children). The piano is found, but the month of guardianship is over, and Minnie must be handed on to the next young couple - Nigel and his newly found girl-friend Fiona. Nigel finds, to his surprised delight, he can play as well as sing. (Oh, Look at Me: Reprise). It is hard for Tim and Jane to see the piano go, but, having each other, they are hopeful of a future as happy as the past. (We Said We Wouldn't Look Back: Reprise). Julian Slade, London 1982 For the chorus Originally, nothing! The production which ran for 2,283 record-breaking performances at the Vaudeville had a cast of twelve, plus a pianist, who between them played fifty-five roles of assorted lengths-the star of one scene being required, perhaps, to do no more than walk on in the next. Needless to say, there is every opportunity for an imaginative producer to use a much larger cast. Major Roles - (showing the original doubling) Jane. Timothy's mother/Heloise/Asphynxia. Lady Raeburn/a cabaret dancer/Marguerite. Fiona/ a beauty-parlour assistant/a shopgirl. Aunt Prue/a manicurist/Rowena. Timothy. Troppo, a mute. The tramp/a bishop/a photographer. Timothy's father/a Police Inspector/the Minister of Pleasure and Pastime/Ambrose. Uncle Clamsby/a night-club manager/Uncle Zed. Fosdyke/Nigel. P.C. Boot/Electrode. THE SCENES A park backcloth or drapes can be used throughout. Other scenes are represented with simple cut-outs, insets or drop cloths, or played in front of running tabs. Act I The University grounds. The breakfast-room at Timothy's home. A London park. A beauty parlour.