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ORIGINAL CAST (in order of appearance): Arpad: RALPH WILLIAMS. Mr. Sipos: NA'T'HANIEL FREY. Miss Ritter: BARBARA BAXLEY. Mr. Kodaly: JACK CASSIDY. Georg Nowack: DANIEL MASSEY. Mr. Maraezek: LUDWIG DONATH. Window Shoppers: Jety Herlick, Judy West. First Customer: Marion Delano. Second Customer: Peg Murray. Third Customer: Trude Adams. Amalia Balash: BARBARA COOK. Fourth Customer: Judy West. Fifth Customer: Jety Herlick. Sixth Customer: Vicki Mansfield. Mr. Keller: Gino Conforti. Waiter: Wood Romoff. Busboy: Al De Sio. Violinist: Gino Conforti. Viktor: Pepe De Chazza. Stefanie: Vicki Mansfield. Magda: Judy West. Ferencz: Bob Bishop. Couple: Peg Murray, Joe Ross. Nurse: Jety Herlick. Carolers: Jo Wilder, Joe Ross, Gino Conforti. Paul: Les Martin. INSTRUMENTATION 2 Reed version Reed I (piccolo/flute/alto flute [opt]/clarinet [opt] Eb clarinet [opt]); Reed II (flute [opt]/ oboe [opt]/cor anglais [opt]/clarinet/Eb clarinet [opt]/bass clarinet); Horn [opt]; Trumpet [db flugelhorn if no horn]; Percussion; 2 Keyboards; 3 Violins [2nd/3rd opt]; Viola [opt]; Cello; Double Bass 3 Reed Version Reed I (piccolo/flute/alto flute [opt]/clarinet [opt] Eb clarinet [opt]); Reed II (flute [opt]/oboe [opt]/cor anglais [opt]/clarinet/Eb clarinet [opt]/ bass clarinet); Reed III (flute [opt]/clarinet/bass clarinet/bassoon [opt]; Horn [opt]; Trumpet [db flugelhorn if no horn]; Percussion; 2 Keyboards; 3 Violins [2nd/3rd opt]; Viola [opt]; Cello; Double Bass MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT ONE • Overture Orchestra • "Good Morning, Good Day" Arpad Sipos, Ritter Kodaly, Georg • "Sounds While Selling" Georg, Sipos, Kodaly, Three Customers • "Days Gone By" Maraczek • "No More Candy" Amalia • "Three Letters" Georg, Amalia • "Tonight at Eight" Georg • "I Don't Know His Name" Amalia, Ritter • "Perspective" Sipos • "Goodbye" Georg, Clerks, Customers • "Will He Like Me?" Amalia • "Ilona" Kodaly, Sipos, Arpad • "I Resolve" Ritter • "A Romantic Atmosphere" Headwaiter, Busboy, Patrons • "Dear Friend" Amalia ACT TWO • Entr'acte Orchestra • "Try Me" Arpad • "Where's My Shoe?" Amalia, Georg • "Vanilla Ice Cream" Amalia • "She Loves Me" Georg • "A Trip to the Library" Ritter • "Grand Knowing You" Kodaly • "Twelve Days to Christmas" Carollers, Shoppers, Clerks • "Finale" Amalia, Georg ORCHESTRA Percussion; Trumpet ; Woodwinds; Violin ; Bass; Synthesizers; Cello SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place in a city in Europe in the 1930s (inside and outside Maraczek's Parfumerie, the Cafe Imperiale, a hospital room and Miss Balash's apartment).