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SHARE MY LETTUCE A diversion with music. Book by Bamber Gascoigne. Music by Keith Statham and Patrick Gowers Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith - 21 August, 1957. Transferred to Comedy Theatre 25 September, 1957. Transferred to the Garrick Theatre 27 January, 1958 THE CAST Barbara Evans - in Pink Johnny Greenland - in Maroon Roderick Cook - in Grey Heather Linson - in Violet Kenneth Mason - in Brown Philip Gilbert - in Blue Maggie Smith - in Orange Kenneth Williams - in Lettuce Green MUSICAL NUMBERS (with original artiste) Colours Sez We - Roderick Cook, Kenneth Williams Lute Song - Kenneth Williams Voices of Evening - Roderick Cook, John Prescott, Kenneth Williams Accelerando [Dance Sequence] [Instrumental] Trapped! - Roderick Cook, Kenneth Williams Love's Cocktail - Maggie Smith Wallflower Waltz Behind Bars - Roderick Cook, Bubble Man - Maggie Smith, Kenneth Williams Intermission Music Menu - Maggie Smith, Kenneth Williams Harriet Michael and Susan - Roderick Cook, John Prescott, Maggie Smith, Kenneth Williams One Train He'll Come - Maggie Smith Dancing Partners [Dance Sequence] - John Prescott Clocks in Love Party Games - Maggie Smith Colour Calls Musical Director - Anthony Bowles Arrangements by Keth Statham and Patrock Gowers Designed by Disley Jones Directed by Eleanor Fazan