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Mayzie sees Horton’s adventure with the egg as a great success and decides Horton would be a better parent for her egg than she could ever be (“Amayzing Horton”), so she gives him the egg for good. Horton accepts the responsibility of caring for the egg (“Alone In The Universe” [Reprise]), even though he worries about JoJo and the Whos. He sings the egg a lullaby (“Solla Sollew”) that is echoed by JoJo and Mr. and Mrs. Mayor, as JoJo writes, and his parents read, his letter from military school. The next morning, General Schmitz and his military cadets head off to war to fight the ‘Butter Side Downers’ who eat their bread the wrong way (“Green Eggs and Ham II”). JoJo confronts the General about the ridiculousness of the war and quits, marching off in the direction of a minefield. We then hear an extremely loud explosion. Back in Whoville, the Christmas pageant is under way led by the Grinch (“Into The Whos’ Christmas Pageant”) and ends with the traditional finale (“The Grinch Carved The Roast Beast”). General Schmitz suddenly enters with his cadets and approaches Mr. and Mrs. Mayor with horrible news (“A Message From The Front/Solla Sollew” [Reprise]). JoJo has been lost in the war—a war which has become questionable in everyone’s eyes. In re-enacting JoJo’s departure, the Cat helps us discover that JoJo has survived, but is confused and lost (“JoJo Alone In The Universe”). Frightened, JoJo begins to blame the Cat for all his troubles, but the Cat helps him find his way home to the arms of his parents (“Havin’ A Hunch”). Far away at the circus, Horton is woken up by Gertrude, who has journeyed great distances and through much peril to find and rescue him. She tells him the reason for her tail mishap and her going through all these adventures is because she cares for him (“All For You”). She also has found the Whos’ clover! Horton finally notices that Gertrude is amazing. As he begins to communicate with the Whos again, he is interrupted by Sour Kangaroo and the Wickersham Brothers who make a citizens arrest and put Horton on trial for talking to a speck of dust and sitting on an egg. The trial begins (“The People Versus Horton The Elephant”) and everyone becomes more agitated as it progresses—especially Horton. When Judge Yertle (the Turtle) sentences Horton to the Nool Asylum and the speck of dust to be boiled in oil, Horton ‘trumpets’ his protest and tells the Whos they must yell to be heard to prove their existence. They try and they try, but still only Horton can hear them. Suddenly, JoJo comes up with a think: a new word to shout that will be heard by everyone—YOPP! At last, all the animals of Nool hear the tiny planet of Whoville and realize Horton was right and the people of Whoville realize what a great thinker JoJo is. Horton and Whoville are saved! Just then, the giant egg begins to crack and out comes an Elephant Bird. Horton looks to Gertrude for help and they agree to care for the creature together (“Yopp!/Alone In The Universe” [Reprise]). All is well in the Jungle of Nool and in Whoville, but many more adventures are likely to occur “if you open your mind, oh, the thinks you will find (“Oh, The Thinks You Can Think” [Reprise]). As the song ends, we find the Boy alone onstage with the red and white striped hat which embodies his imagination. As he puts it on, it falls over his eyes putting the stage into BLACKOUT! MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Oh, The Thinks You Can Think - The Cat In The Hat, Company 2. Horton Hears A Who - Bird Girls, Horton, Citizens of the Jungle of Nool 3. Biggest Blame Fool - Sour Kangaroo, Horton, Wickersham Brothers, Bird Girls, Gertrude McFuzz, Mayzie LaBird, Citizens of the Jungle of Nool, The Cat 4. Here On Who - Mayor of Whoville, Mrs. Mayor, The Grinch, Whos, Horton 5. It's Possible (McElligot's Pool) - JoJo, The Cat, Fish Chorus 6. How To Raise A Child - Mayor, Mrs. Mayor 7. The Military - Gen. Genghis Kahn Schmitz, JoJo, Cadets 8. Alone In The Universe - Horton, JoJo 9. The One Feather Tail Of Miss Gertrude McFuzz - Gertrude 10. Amayzing Mayzie - Mayzie, Gertrude, Bird Girls 11. Amayzing Gertrude - Gertrude, The Cat, Bird Girls 12. Monkey Around - Wickersham Brothers 13. Chasing The Whos - Horton, Sour Kangaroo, Bird Girls, Wickersham Brothers, The Cat, Vlad Vladikoff, Whos