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SEESAW Lyrics by Dorothy Fields - Music by Cy Coleman: Book by Michael Stewart, based on Two For the Seasaw by William Gibson, subsequently revised by, and wholly credited to, Michael Bennett Opened at the Uris Theatre, New York March 18, 1973 (296 performances) THE STORY: Jerry Ryan, a simple, handsome, young lawyer from America's Midwest, comes to New York where he gets involved in a romance with a kookie, young dancer whose background, ideas and attitudes are completely different from his own. This is Gittel Mosca - and the two keep in touch by telephone. They meet and part through that medium. (The original play, on which this musical adaptation was based, was originally a twohander.) Gittel introduces Jerry to all aspects of her life in New York, peopled as it is with strange and wonderful characters from every part of the globe. Jerry finds himself outside X-rated cinemas marquees in Times Square and is propositioned by Eighth Avenue hookers. There are compensatory tender moments for Gittel and Jerry at Lincoln Center. And other bizarre events? How about a performance of Hamlet by a mobile street theatre - in the original Puerto Rican? Gittel has a close friend, David, as aspiring choreographer who dreams up the ultimate Broadway production number. Sadly the relationship between Jerry and Gittel fails in the end to lead anything more permanent. But both have learned things about themselves and about their emotional hang-ups - and also about New York, that very special and exciting city. MUSICAL NUMBERS Seasaw - Orchestra and Company My City - Street Walkers & Company Nobody Does It Like Me - Gittel Mosca In Tune - Gittel Mosca & Jerry Ryan Spanglish - Company Welcome to Holiday Inn - Gittel You're a Lovely Lunatic - Jerry He's Good For Me - Gittel Ride Out the Storm - Sophie, Sparkle & Company We've Got It - Jerry Poor Everybody Else - Gittel Chapter 54 Number 1909 4 - David, Jerry, Gittel & Company Seesaw Ballet - Orchestra It's Not Where You Start - David Finale - I'm Way Ahead & Seesaw - Gittel DISCOGRAPHY: Original Broadway Cast - DRG - CDRG 6108 - (0 21471-6108-2 6) available from