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the news program. The Reporter mentions that he has met the Priest before, on the day of "the tragedy". He was running away from the disaster, while the Priest was running toward it. The Reporter says that he, like the Priest, is looking for answers ("Curiosity"). The other characters appear, lighting candles and praying as the Priest emotionlessly "admires [his] handicraft" ("Prayer"). With one hour left until the miracle the Priest giddily points out souvenir salesmen, religious groups and celebrities ("Feed the Lions"). He is grabbed by The CPA who says that he knows The Priest's secret...he is an angel. Deanna finds the Priest and thanks him for giving her hope. Finally, the Priest sees his Aunt, who, despite being in great pain, has made her way to the park. She confesses that she has lied all these years: she knows that there is a God, and she knows that "There Will Be a Miracle". She falls asleep on a park bench, telling her nephew to wake her when the Gloryday arrives. With a few minutes left, the crowd joins in "Prayer" for forgiveness, and the Priest has a change of heart. He runs around screaming that it was a joke and that everyone should go home. Now Deanna, the CPA, the Reporter and Aunt Monica describe the scene: The sky goes black, a harsh wind picks up, lightning flashes, mist hangs in the air, the earth trembles, and a tornado hits the lake. Everyone flees, pulling coats over their heads to protect themselves from the dust and debris. The Priest tries to stop them, but he is left standing alone. Looking back, he sees something "Rising Up" from the pond, and he sobs as he sees the Glory. In rapture, he races around, but no one else has seen it. The Reporter, the C.P.A. and Deanna are angry. He wakes Aunt Monica and tells her about it, asking if she believes him. She replies, "If you say so baby, why not?" Back in the confessional, the Priest tells his Monsignor that he put the collar back on a month later at Aunt Monica's funeral, but he is still confused about his faith. He created a lie for the masses that became a truth for only himself, and he doesn't know what to do. Everyone repeats "the truth" as church bells chime. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act 1 Kesa The Janitor's Statement The Thief 's Statement/She Looked at Me See What I Wanna See Big Money The Park You'll Go Away With Me Murder Best Not to Get Involved The Wife's Statement Louie The Medium and the Husband's Statement Quartet/You'll Go Away With Me (Reprise) No More Simple as This Light in the East/Finale Act 1 Act 2 Morito Confession/Last Year The Greatest Practical Joke First Message Central Park Second Message Coffee Gloryday Curiosity/Prayer Feed the Lions There Will Be a Miracle Prayer (Reprise) Rising Up/Finale Act 2 CAST - 2 women and 3 men, with doubling. Kesa and Morito Kesa Morito R shomon The Janitor The Theif The Wife The Husband The Medium Gloryday The Preist Aunt Monica A CPA An Actress A Reporter SCENES AND SETTINGS • Kesa and Morito is set in medieval Japan • R shomon is set in 1951, New York City • Gloryday is set in the present, New York City