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Scene 3: In the Maze/The Greenhouse; The Edge of the Moor. Scene 4: Archibald's Library. Scene 5: The Gallery. Scene 6: The Hallway. Scene 7: Colin's Room. Scene 8: On the Grounds/The Door to the Garden. Act 2 Scene 1: The Tea Party Dream/The Other Side of the Door. Scene 2: Archibald's Dressing Room. Scene 3: Colin's Room. Scene 4: The Greenhouse. Scene 5: Colin's Room. Scene 6: In the Maze/The Garden. Scene 7: The Library. Scene 8:Mary's Room/Paris. Scene 9: Archibald's Rooms in Paris. Scene 10: The Garden. The Secret Garden boasts a breathtaking stage design by producer Heidi Landesman. Imagine a giant Victorian children's theatre, complete with painted wild animals and birds, faces staring out from side panels, and tall ships and Cupids sailing by overhead. Imagine too, the ghosts that haunt the mansion, helping to tell the story: Archibald's beautiful, dead wife, Lily; Mary's mother and father; her Ayah; and a Fakir; as well as soldiers and friends of Mary's parents.