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A Bit of Earth (reprise) - Lily, Rose, Capt Albert Lennox Disappear - Dr. Neville Craven Hold On - Martha Letter Song - Mary Lennox, Martha Where in the World - Archibald Craven How Could I Ever Know? - Lily, Archibald Craven Finale - Company Original Broadway Cast Lily: REBECCA LUKER. Mary Lennox: DAISY EAGAN, Kimberly Mahon (alt.) In Colonial India, 1906: Fakir: Peter Marinos. Ayah: Patricia Phillips. Rose, Mary's mother: Kay Walbye. Captain Albert Lennox, Mary's father: Michael DeVries. Lieutenant Peter Wright: Drew Taylor. Lieutenant Ian Shaw: Paul Jackel. Major Holmes: Peter Samuel. Claire, his wife: Rebecca Judd. Alice, Rose's friend: Nancy Johnston. At Misselthwaite Manor, North Yorkshire, England, 1906: Archibald Craven, Mary's uncle: MANDY PATINKIN. Dr. Neville Craven, his brother: ROBERT WESTENBERG. Mrs. Medlock, the housekeeper: BARBARA ROSENBLAT. Martha, a chambermaid: ALISON FRASER. Dickon, her brother: JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL. Ben, the gardener: TOM TONER. Colin: JOHN BABCOCK. Jane: Teresa De Zarn. William: Frank DiPasquale. Betsy: Betsy Friday. Timothy: Alec Timerman. Mrs. Winthrop: Nancy Johnston. Swings: Kevin Ligon, Bill Nolte, Jane Seaman, Jennifer Smith. Scenes and Settings The action takes place in 1906. Opening (Prologue): India; The Library at Misselthwaite Manor; A Train Platform in Yorkshire; The Door to Misselthwaite Manor; Mary's Room; The Gallery. Act 1 Scene I: Mary's Sitting Room. Scene 2: The Ballroom.