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is alive and well, and all are gathered in the garden to celebrate her birthday. But the perfection is not to be. Inside the house, Dr. Craven discovers Archibald packing to leave for Paris, and accuses him of shirking his responsibilities. He insists that Mary is disturbing Colin, and must be sent away to school. The brothers quarrel, triggering the appearance of Lily and Mary's mother, Rose. But Archibald will not be deterred. He says goodbye to the sleeping Colin and leaves. On the next clear morning, Mary tells Dickon that she has found the garden, but it is dead. It is the most "forgotten place" she has ever seen. Dickon sings the melodic "Wick", the Yorkshire word for "alive" and encourages her to take a closer look. Together, they resolve, they will bring the garden back to life. And not long after that, Mary tells Colin she has found his mother's garden, and wants him to see it. When he confesses he is afraid to go outside, Lily's spirit comes to help him. Colin and Mary visit the garden together for the first time at night, and through its magical power, her faith in him, and a Hindu chant she learned from her Fakir and her Ayah in India, Colin overcomes his fear and stands. Then, passionately needing to remain at Misselthwaite to see the garden bloom and Colin regain his strength, Mary refuses to go to the boarding school Dr. Craven has found for her. Martha encourages her to hold on and helps Mary write a letter to her uncle in Paris, asking him to come home. Mary's letter finds Archibald in a very dark moment but the ghost of Lily appears to comfort him, to ask his forgiveness and lead him back home. There, amid the startling blooms and splendid fragrances of the no longer secret garden, Colin walks into his father's arms and proclaims that he is well. In the final scene, Uncle Archibald welcomes Mary as his own child, and assures her that Misselthwaite Manor is her home now. And then, to thank her for restoring their health and happiness, he gives her the beautiful garden for her own. Then, as the living family comes together, the ghosts, no longer needed, depart one by one. (Marsha Norman) MUSICAL NUMBERS: Opening - Opening Dream - Lily, Fakir, Mary Lennox, Company There's a Girl - Company House Upon the Hill - Company I Heard Someone Crying - Mary Lennox, Archibald Craven, Lily, Company A Fine White Horse - Martha A Girl in the Valley - Lily, Archibald Craven, Dancers It's a Maze - Ben, Mary Lennox, Dickon Winter's on the Wing - Dickon Show Me the Key - Mary Lennox, Dickon A Bit of Earth - Archibald Craven Storm I - Company Lily's Eyes - Archibald Craven, Dr. Neville Craven I Heard Someone Crying (reprise) - Mary Lennox, Company Storm II - Mary Lennox, Company Round-Shouldered Man - Colin Final Storm - Company The Girl I Meant to Be - Mary Lennox, Company Quartet - Archibald Craven, Dr. Neville Craven, Rose, Lily Race You to the Top of the Morning - Archibald Craven Wick - Dickon, Mary Lennox Come to My Garden - Lily, Colin Come Spirit, Come Charm - Mary Lennox, Martha, Dickon, Fakir, Ayah, Lily, Company