Shows S

Betty - Fred's young, lovely wife - Soprano Bob Cratchit - Scrooge's oppressed clerk, boyish - Baritone or Tenor Fezziwig - Stout, jolly, wears breeches, Scrooge's one-time employer, Approx. 50 years old - Non-Singing Ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Come - Shrouded, spectral, only one outstretched hand visible - Non-Singing Ghost of Christmas-Past - Slender child, Approx. 10-12 years old - Non-Singing Ghost of Christmas-Present - Robust, ruddy - Tenor or Baritone Ghost of Jacob Marley - Former business partner of Scrooge; dead as a doornail - Baritone or Bass Hawkins - A ragpicker, rumpled and poor Martha - A Cratchit child, sings a solo Mrs. Cratchit - Bob's wife, mid-30s, no wrinkles Mrs. Dilber - Scrooge's cleaning woman - Mezzo-Soprano Mrs. Fezziwig - Fezziwig's wife - Non-Singing Peter & Billy Cratchit - Healthy children of the Cratchits - ( Peter - teenager; Billy - approx. 5 years old) Scrooge - Stingy, chilly, cowardly; turns joyful - Medium vocal range Susan - Betty's sister, plump, sought by Topper - Non-Singing Tiny Tim - Cratchit's happy but crippled child - 9-10 years old Topper - A young, fashionable bachelor - Non-Singing Others Carolers, about 4 who narrate/ sing; young clerks at Fezziwigs (can double as Carolers); Lost Souls (usually 3 m./ 3f.); beggars; two gentlemen; errand boy Throtty; Christmas toys; townspeople; devils - Various vocal ranges