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The action takes place from May to July, 1794, in England and France. AVAILABLE ORCHESTRATION Full Orchestration 1 Reed I: Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute & Soprano Saxophone (Alto Flute music w/ interlinear transposition for Flute) 1 Reed II: Oboe & English Horn (English Horn w/ interlinear transposition for Clarinet) 1 Reed III: Flute, Clarinet & Bass Clarinet 1 Reed IV: Bassoon & Contrabassoon 1 Horn I 1 Horn II 1 Trumpet I (Trumpet doubling Piccolo Trumpet) 1 Trumpet II 1 Trombone I (Tenor Trombone & Euphonium) 1 Trombone II (Bass Trombone) 1 Percussion I (Trap Drum Set) 1 Percussion II (Mallet Instruments) 1 Keyboard I (Synthesizer, principally piano) 1 Keyboard II (Synthesizer, Principally string substitute) 3 Violin (6 players) 1 Viola (2 players) 1 Cello (2 players) 1 Bass (Acoustic & Electric) The orchestration requires 25 players unless the parts for violin, viola and cello are left entirely to the Keyboard II (Synthesizer - string substitute), then the minimum number of players required is 15.