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uncover the identity of the Pimpernel, and she persuades one of Percy's men to have the Pimpernel meet her outside on the footbridge. When Percy arrives, disguising his voice and keeping in the shadows, Marguerite confesses her sins to the Scarlet Pimpernel: yes, she has tried to expose him and, yes, she has spied, but it all has stemmed from Chauvelin's coercion and blackmail. She warns the Pimpernel to run from Chauvelin, and begs him to help her save her brother. Percy sends his wife away, and releases his great joy at discovering that she has only been an innocent victim. All along she has been the same woman with whom he fell in love. Percy instantly sets off for France with his men to try to save Armand, but Marguerite also secretly travels to Paris. Disguising herself as a French tart, she tries to cajole information about her imprisoned brother from two soldiers. Chauvelin, however, is nearby, and instantly seeing through her disguise, he orders both Armand and Marguerite to be sentenced to the guillotine. Embittered at the realisation that Marguerite will never return his love, Chauvelin finally drives her out of his heart. In prison, Marguerite tries hard not to think of Percy. She prepares to meet her death, but Chauvelin has a subtler torture in mind. Resolved to catch the Pimpernel, he allows Marguerite and Armand to escape and sets a trap for all of them. As everyone converges on stage at the now abandoned Comédie-Française, Marguerite finally learns that the Scarlet Pimpernel is none other than her own husband, Percy. Percy and Chauvelin confront each other in the ultimate swordfight and showdown, and although Percy seems certainly doomed to death, he manages to outwit Chauvelin one last time. Finally, Percy and Marguerite are reunited and able to trust one another. The Full Company joins in to celebrate this triumph of the human spirit. CAST (in order of appearance): Madame St. Cyr St. Cyr Marie Tussaud Dewhurst Chauvelin Percy (Blakeney) Marguerite (St. Just) Lady Digby Lady Llewellyn Armand St. Just Ozzy Farleigh Leggett Elton Hal Hastings Ben Neville Robespierre Grappin Coupeau Mercier Jessup Prince of Wales French Mob and Soldiers/ British Guest and Servants; Fisherman MUSICAL NUMBERS • Storybook - Marguerite, French Ensemble • Madame Guillotine - Chauvelin • Believe - Percy, Marguerite, British Chorus • You Are My Home - Percy, Marguerite • Wedding Dance - Ensemble • Prayer - Percy • Into the Fire - Percy, the League • The Rescue - Ensemble • Falcon in the Dive - Chauvelin • When I Look at You - Marguerite • Where's the Girl? - Chauvelin • You Are My Home (reprise) - Marguerite, Armand • The Creation of Man - Percy, the League • The Riddle - Chauvelin, Marguerite, Percy, et al • The Scarlet Pimpernel - Percy, Marguerite, Ball Guests • They Seek Him Here - Percy, Lady Digby, Lady Llewellyn, Prince of Wales, et al • The Gavotte - Ensemble • She Was There - Percy • Storybook (reprise) - Marguerite, French Girls • Where's the Girl? (reprise) - Chauvelin • Into the Fire (reprise) - The League • I'll Forget You - Marguerite • The Duel - Percy, Chauvelin, Marguerite • When I Look at You (reprise) - Percy, Marguerite • Into the Fire (reprise) - Company