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The actress who plays Ida goes on stage and says, “So they agreed to do one more.” She tells the audience they need to talk about death, which up to now they have avoided, then sings what she calls “The Death Song” (“The Elephant Song/Where Does an Elephant Go?”). The last job they do turns out to be a disaster. The group goes to the International Fur Show which is being held in the New York Coliseum. They were almost caught, but Ida decides she will take the blame for it while the rest of them run away. Just before she is thrown in jail, Ida goes offstage and dies. The next time the audience sees her is sitting on a moon, looking down on Walter and Eunice’s wedding. She urges Lorraine from her moon to do one last number (“Yes”). DISCOGRAPHY 70, Girls, 70 (Original London Cast Recording) 70, Girls, 70 (Original Broadway Cast Recording)