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Scenes & Settings Act One • Scene 1: An area of the town square in Massachusetts • Scene 2: Interiors of various Puritan homes surrounding the interior of Gaoler Bracketts quarters and Hester Prynne's gaol cell. • Scene 3: Several years later. A clearing in the forest where a pathway reaches Hester Prynne's cottage. • Scene 4: Outside Hester Prynne's cottage • Scene 5: Governor Bellingham's mansion • Scene 6: Several different locations: Mistress Rightway's room; Reverend Dimmesdale's study; Chillingworth's quarters; Hester by the sea; The forest pathway to the town; The town square Act Two • Scene 1: The town square, and later, the interior of Mistress Fairley's room • Scene 2: The forest • Scene 3: The town square • Scene 4: The town square, three days later • Epilogue - The graveyard