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stage. They are returning to Broadway and are celebrating (“Old Folks”). The cast lives at The Sussex Arms in New York City. It is a run-down hotel for senior citizens. Ida Dodd is one of the favourites at The Sussex Arms. Ida was not able to be admitted to hospitals because she did not have enough money. She decided to move to the Waldorf. When the clerk at a pharmacy treated her rudely when she needed a thermometer, she stole a thermometer. This led to her continuing her thievery. Ida makes the decision to go back home to The Sussex Arms. Her friends are surprised to see her dressed “to the nines” rather than in the simple frock she usually wears (“Home”). At the Broadhurst Theatre, the performers are celebrating the fact that they are back performing on Broadway (“Broadway, My Street”). The next day, Ida finds out that Eunice has started stealing too. She took a coat from Sadie’s Fur Salon. However, Eunice leaves her coat with her name sewn in the lining at the store in exchange for the one she stole. The crew at The Sussex Arms knows they have to get back to Sadie’s Fur Salon and get Eunice’s coat back without getting caught. Harry puts together a plan to get this done (“The Caper”). They get the coat back thanks to Ida’s fake fainting spell while pretending to be a shopper at Sadie’s. The group is inexperienced, so it takes longer than it should. Ida has to keep up her ruse for a while. In her last effort of getting the shop clerks out of the way, she says that she cannot take her coffee in a cardboard cup. In a crossover scene, the performers, Melba and Fritzi, sing about how the “trouble with the world today is coffee in a cardboard cup” (“Coffee in a Cardboard Cup”). While the group is at Sadie’s, the rest of the residents at The Sussex Arms are staring at a television set. The television has no picture, however, so they have to pretend they are watching all of their favourite shows (“You and I, Love”). After the reverse robbery at Sadie’s, the group decides they want to join Ida in all of her future thieving. Walter wants to sit out, though. Walter and Eunice are to be married soon. They share a moment together, but that is interrupted when they realize the audience is staring at them, wondering if they ever have sex (“Do We?”). The Sussex Arms crew, minus Walter, is ready to continue with their robberies (“Hit It, Lorraine”). They make Bloomingdale’s their next target. They plan to go to the fur department. Because Gert used to work there as a detective, she is chosen to be the lookout for the group. Gert is met by her old friends in security. She stands around with them chatting right by the spot where the group is supposed to steal from. Gert tries to distract them with a story about Emma Finch. She was a kleptomaniac that used to steal furs at Bloomingdale’s then went onto stealing men (“See the Light”). Act II begins with The Sussex Arms redecorated with chandeliers and television sets. The crew brings in “old folks” from the street to let them stay in The Sussex Arms. The money the crew got from lifting goods has allowed them to revitalize The Sussex Arms, which benefits the community (“Boom Ditty Boom”). With the group’s success, Walter begins to be swayed towards joining them. It is revealed that Walter was formerly a safe-cracker, and this is why he was unwilling to join the group in the beginning. Eunice does not mind that Walter had a past in crime. She looks at it as an opportunity to use his skills for their next heist at the Arctic Cold Storage Vault. Walter struggles to open the door, though, because he has not done this in many years. The group may freeze to death, but Melba sings to help them lift their spirits (“Believe”). Back at the Broadhurst, the characters of a young bellhop and his grandmother are performing a duet about how visiting grandmothers is important (“Go Visit”). Eddie lets the group know that the police are there to question them. Detective Callahan and Officer Kowalski enter the lobby. They see only a bunch of old people acting as though they are deaf and have recently had operations to throw them off. When the police leave, it is made known that all they wanted to do was ask that the residents of The Sussex Arms watch the neighbourhood and report anything they see that seems suspicious. The cops showing up scares the friends enough that they want to do only one more heist. They just want enough to be able to purchase The Sussex Arms themselves, then they will stop (“70, Girls, 70”).