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22. RONALD FRANKAU – Himself 23. “HENRY” (By Claude Hulbert, Max Kester and Matt Brooks) The Commentators - Jack Melford and Chris Grainger Henry - Claude HulberT The Deportment Teacher - Patricia Dare Brenda - Enid Smeeden Helen - Aud Johannsen Grace - Audrey Hepburn The Elocution Mistress - Joan Heal 24. “THE REAL THING” (By Parsons and Fase) Renee Houston 25. “LET’S MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE” (By Parsons and Fase) The Girl - Jessie Matthews Her Three Boy Friends - Terence Theobald, Peter Glover Roy Byfield-Riches Her Three Rivals - Enid Smeeden, Patricia Dare, Audrey Hepburn 26. MURIEL SMITH – Herself 27. “WHERE THERE’S A WILL THERE’S A WAY” (By Parsons and Fase) The Orators - Jack Melford, Chris Grainger, David Keller The Young Couple - Jean Bayless and Roy Byfield-Riches People in the Park - The Company