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PART II 14. “RELATIVES“ - By Sid Onflick, Elwood Stutz and Sid Berman The Orchestra - Miguelita and her Afro-Cubanos The Girl Friend - Marlana The Husband - Ronald Frankau His Wife - Nina Tarakanova His Mother-in-law - Joan Heal His Unmarried Daughter - Patricia Dare His Unmarriageable Sister - Enid Smeeden His Three Dependent Nieces - Sara Luzita, Aud Johannsen, Adele Stephens His Two Equally Dependent Nephews - Terence Theobald and Peter Glover His Unemployed Brother and His Wife - Ray Browne and Audrey Hepburn His Out-of-work Cousin - David Keller His Brother Who Helps Him - Chris Grainger His Two Grandchildren - Jean Bayless and John Briggs Waiters - Harold Holness and Dudley Heslop 15. “AN ENGLISHMAN IN LOVE” (Lyric by Harold Purcell, Music by Harry Parr Davies) The Wife - Jessie Matthews The Husband - Claude Hulbert 16. “A SMILE FROM A STRANGER” (By Parsons and Fase: Choreography by Andree Howard) The Singer - Muriel Smith The Dancers Nina Tarakanova, Audrey Hepburn, Sara Luzita, Terence Theobald, Peter Glover, Roy Byfield-Riches 17. “I’M A PROBLEM” (Lyric by Forman Brown and Geoffrey Parsons: Music by Allan Gray) The Problem - Joan Heal 18. “THE PSYCHIATRIST” (Music by Allan Gray Idea conceived by Cecil Landeau from a drawing by Cobean in “The New Yorker”) (Mime arranged by Andree Howard) The Girl - Renee Houston and Nina Tarakanova The Psychiatrist - Claude Hulbert People in the Dream - Adele Stephens, Jean Bayless, Ray Browne, David Keller, John Briggs 19. “NOCHE DE RONDA” (Lyric and Music by M. Lara) The Dancer - Sara Luzita The Singer - Jan Muzurus The Guitarist - Fitzroy Coleman 20. “BABALU” (Lyric and Music by Margarita Lecuona) The Singer - Marlana The Dancers - Harold Holness and Dudley Heslop The Drummers - Al Smith, Reuben Francois 21. “OKLAHOKUM” (By Parsons and Fase) Eller - Ray Browne Curly - David Keller Snoek - Roy Byfield-Riches Slim - Chris Grainger Sheriff - Peter Glover Secretaries - Joan Heal, Patricia Dare, Enid Smeeden, Audrey Hepburn