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6. “SUNDAY AT HOME” (By Parsons and Fase) Three Characters from “The Views of the World “ - Chris Grainger, Joan Heal, Ronald Frankau Introduced by Pat Dare and Ray Browne 7. “THE SEINE” (Lyric by Flavien Monod and Guy Lafarge. Music by Guy Lafarge. English Lyric by Geoffrey Parsons) (Choreography by Andree Howard) A Visitor - Jessie Matthews Passers By - Jan Muzurus and Terence Theobald A Flower Girl - Aud Johannsen Midinettes - Audrey Hepburn, Diana Monks A Gendarme - Roy Byfield-Riches A Boy - John Briggs An Artist - Patricia Dare A Waiter - Peter Glover 8. “THREE BEAUTY QUEENS” (By Parsons and Fase) Miss Blackpool - Enid Smeeden Miss Brighton - Renee Houston Miss Margate - Patricia Dare 9. “GRANADA” (Lyric and Music by Agustin Lara) (Spanish Dance arranged by Elsa Brunelleschi) The Singers - Jan Muzurus and Marlana The Dancer - Sara Luzita 10. “G.I.s A-ROAMING“ (By Parsons and Fase) The G.I. Greek - Chris Grainger The G.I. Scot - Jack Melford The G.I. Jap - Ronald Frankau The G.I. Persian - Claude Hulbert The Eskimo W.A.A.C. - Jessie Matthews The G.I. Guardsman - Dudley Heslop 11. “SAILOR BOY” (Words by Langston Hughes Music by Jan Meyerowitz) Muriel Smith 12. “THE EYES HAVE IT” (By Matt Brooks) Miss Jones - Joan Heal The Patient - Claude Hulbert Dr. Hamish Blennerhasset - Ronald Frankau 13. “YOU LIKE IT YES YOU LIKE IT NO?” (Lyric by Weston Parsons and Geoffrey Parsons. Music by Allan Gray) The Girl Next Door - Jean Bayless Organ Grinder - Jan Muzurus The Boy - Terence Theobald The Other Girl - Aud Johannsen The Woman - Renee Houston First Man - Chris Grainger Second Man - Ronald Frankau The Organ Grinder’s Girl - Jessie Matthews The Busker - Claude Hulbert