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SAUCE TARTARE Musical Revue devised by Cecil Landeau Cambridge Theatre, London - 18th May, 1949 Music by Berkeley Fase; Lyrics by Geoffrey Parsons Lyrics by Geoffrey Parsons - Music by Berkeley Fase. Sketches by Matt Brooks. Additional Music by Allan Gray. Additional Choreography by Andree Howard Orchestrations by Phil Cardew. Orchestra under the direction of Phil Cardew, Conductor Sidney Bowman PART I 1. “SAUCE TARTARE” (Music by Berkeley Fase) The Chef - Peter Glover His Assistants - Jean Bayless, John Briggs, Harold Holness, Dudley Heslop Comment - Enid Smeeden Rhythm - Terence Theobald Vitriol - Joan Heal Comedy - Chris Grainger, Ray Browne, David Keller Sugar - Nina Tarakanova Glamour - Marlana Melody - Jan Muzurus Colour - Renee Houston Bite - Ronald Frankau Spice - Muriel Smith L’Amour - Jessie Matthews Punch - Claude Hulbert Nostalgia - Patricia Dare 2. “THE PASSIONATE SPIV” (By Geoffrey Parsons) The Spiv - Jack Melford His Girl - Enid Smeeden The Actor - Claude Hulbert His Fans - Adele Stephens, Aud Johannsen, Jean Bayless, Sara Luzita, John Briggs 3. “BOOGIE WOOGIE YOGI” (By Parsons and Fase) The Yogi’s Wife - Joan Heal Her Attendants - Terence Theobald and Peter Glover The Yogi - Chris Grainger His Followers - Enid Smeeden, Patricia Dare, Audrey Hepburn, Aud Johannsen, Adele Stephens, Diana Monks Three Boogie Singers - David Keller, Ray Browne, Roy Byfield-Riches 4. “DEANNA OF THE DAIRIES” (By Parsons and Fase) Renee Houston 5. “LOVE IS A LYRIC” (By Parsons and Fase) (Choreography by Andree Howard) The Singer - Muriel Smith The Dancers - Nina Tarakanova and Terence Theobald