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SONG AND DANCE Music by Andrew Lloyd-Webber; lyrics to Tell Me On A Sunday by Don Black Palace Theatre, London - 7 April, 1982 Royale Theatre, Broadway - 18 September, 1985 (474 Perfs) In Act One, Tell Me On A Sunday recounts the story of a British girl working, loving and getting her heart broken in New York. A superb sequence of songs in monologue and letter-form mirrors her reactions and emotions in an infinitely touching way. Variations, Act Two, is a pulsating cello-and-band new look at Paganini's muchvaried Caprice, used as a choreographic profile of one of the men in the British girl's life. CAST: Tell Me On A Sunday - 1 female, offstage female singers. Variations - as desired INSTRUMENTATION: 3 reeds, 2 horns, trumpet, 3 cello, bass, 2 guitars, percussion, drums, 2 keyboards Vocal Score available on hire only (no Libretto) MUSICAL NUMBERS: Capped Teeth & Caesar Salad Come Back With the Same Look In Your Eyes English Girls First Letter Home I Love New York I'm Very You, You're Very Me * Let me Finish Married Man Second Letter Home So Much To Do In New York Take That Look Off Your Face Tell Me On A Sunday Third Letter Home Unexpected Song What Have I Done? You Made Me Think You Were In Love