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poison)- Bass • Miss Tweed - "The tweedy, elderly amateur detective" (strangled by ornamental spear)- Soprano • Geoffrey - "The juvenile; the uninvited guest" (drinks poisoned wine intended for Flint)- Tenor ORCHESTRATION Trombone, Banjo, Trumpet, Bass, Reed 1, Reed 2, Percussion 1 and 2, but may be done with one piano Chorus books on hire only MUSICAL NUMBERS: A Marvellous Weekend - Company except Geoffrey Something's Afoot - Company except Geoffrey Carry On - Miss Tweed, Lady Grace, Lettie, Hope Langdon I Don't Know Why I Trust You But I Do - Hope Langdon, Geoffrey The Man With the Ginger Moustache - Lady Grace Suspicious - Entire Company Legal Heir - Nigel Rancour You Fell Out Of the Sky - Hope Langdon Dinghy - Flint, Lettie I Owe It All - Miss Tweed, Hope Langdon, Geoffrey New Day - Geoffry, Hope Langdon, Choir SCENES & SETTINGS The action takes place during the late spring of 1935 at Rancour's Retreat, a country estate in the English Lake District. Act 1: The Entrance Hall of Rancour's Retreat Act 2: The same, immediately following DISCOGRAPHY World Premier CastRecording - Something’s Afoot