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SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place in Chicago, Miami and in between in 1931. Act I Scene 1: Chicago Theatre. Scene 2: Backstage Chicago Theatre. Scene 3: Chicago Street. Scene 4: Clark Street Garage. Scene 5: Dearborn Street Railroad Station. Scene 6: The Dixie Flyer. Scene 7: The Seminole-Ritz Hotel Veranda. Scene 8: Josephine and Daphne's Hotel Room. Act 2 Scene 1: The Beach. Scene 2: The Hotel Veranda. Scene 3: The New Caledonia Yacht. Scene 4: Josephine and Daphne's Hotel Room. Scene 5: The Hotel Night Club. Scene 6: The Hotel Service Corridor. Scene 7: The New Caledonia Yacht. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT 1 "Windy City Marmalade - Sweet Sue, Society Syncopaters Penniless Bums - Jerry, Joe, Unemployed Musicians Tear the Town Apart (dance) - Spats Palazzo, Spats' Gang The Beauty That Drives Men Mad - Jerry, Joe We Could Be Close - Jerry, Sugar Kane Sun on My Face - Jerry, Joe, Sugar Kane, Sweet Sue, Bienstock, Ensemble November Song - Osgood Fielding Jr., Millionaires (Doin' It For) Sugar - Jerry, Joe ACT 2 Hey, Why Not! - Sugar Kane, Ensemble Beautiful Through and Through - Osgood Fielding Jr., Jerry What Do You Give to a Man Who's Had Everything? - Joe, Sugar Kane Magic Nights - Jerry It's Always Love - Joe When You Meet a Man in Chicago" - Jerry, Joe, Sugar Kane, Sweet Sue, All-Girl Band and Chorus Line ORCHESTRATION Violins; cello, bass; Reed 1, 2, 3 & 4; Horn; Trumpet 1, 2 & 3; Trombone 1 & 2; Percussion 1 & 2; Harp; Guitar-Banjo; Piano-Celeste