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side show to roam, and to play the calliope as well... • Trio - Violet, Endicott & Ellingham - In this world of ups and downs, in these days of care and strife, 'tis a pleasure to remember other days and other life. • Song - Germaine - Observe by the droop of my eye, observe by the curl of my lip, that I keep the golden rule and attend a Sunday school... • Song - Julian and Men - Oh, the properest thing at home is galloping o'er the lome, while bugle resounds and the baying of hounds are heard... • Racing Scene - They're off, away! Ah, there they go a-prancing gaily along; they are a bully lot, all fine good and strong. Ah, see them dashing forward... CAST • Violet Dare, a Broadway favourite • Mrs. James Ellingham, a society leader • Beezy, attendant in manicure parlours • Germaine Du Monde, owner of the manicure parlours • Mrs. Hoover Thorpe, a society widow • Kittie La Verne, soubrette from the West • Julian Endicott, a self-made man • James Ellingham, on the right side of the market • Jack Ellingham, his son • Artie Endicott, representative of The Social Whirl • Sandy Graham, son of James Ellingham • Lem Hicks, his friend • Jacob Endennan, the professor • Babette, a manicurist • Wagstaffe • Court Clerk • Policeman • Stable Boy Ensemble of : Society Girls, Cashier, Manicurists, Hunting Girls, Shoe Blacks, Blue Girls, Casino Girls, Golf Boys, Golf Girls, Johnnies, Hair Dressers, Porter, Policemen, Hunters, Butler, Waiters, Grooms, Driver, Footman SCENES AND SETTINGS • Act 1: Interior of Germaine Du Monde's manicure parlours. • Act 2: Exterior of Bronxville club house.