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THE SOCIAL WHIRL A Musical Comedy in 2 Acts. Book by Charles Doty and Joseph Herbert. Music by Gustav Kerker. Lyrics by Joseph Herbert. (Interpolated songs by George A. Spink, E. Ray Goetz, James O'Dea, Anne Caldwell, and Charles J. Ross.) Casino Theatre, New York - 9 April 1906 - 15 September 1906 (195 perfs) MUSICAL NUMBERS published in the programme ACT 1 • Opening Number - Chorus • The Profession of a Manicure - Jermaine • Vi!,Vi! - Violet, Johnnies • Old Man Manhattan (Music by Anna Caldwell. Lyrics by James O'Dea.) - Julian • A Rainy Day - Shopping and Shoe Blacks • Bill Simmons (I've Got to Dance Till the Band Gits Through) (Music and Lyrics by George A. Spink.) - Beezy • Finale - Ensemble ACT 2 • Opening Number - Babette, Chorus • Love Among the Freaks Artie • Just Kids (Music and Lyrics by Charles J. Ross.) - Ritchie, Julian, James • Run Away, Naughty Man (Song) (Lyrics by Hugh Morton.) - Germaine • (You're) Just the One I'm Looking For (Music and Lyrics by E. Ray Goetz.) - Violet, Jack, Huntsmen • We'll Blow the Jolly Horn (Tally Ho!!!) (Duet) - Julian, Artie • Racing Scene • Finale MUSICAL NUMBERS published in the vocal score: Act I • Opening Chorus - Emporium Recherché that's only patronized, that's only patronised by the elite, an Institution proper that is never advertised... • Song - Germaine - A Manicure must be demure while plying her profession, for now and then the forward men will ask a rude concession... • Entrance of Men - When a chap with a monocle glued in his eye will sit in the stalls and heave sigh upon sigh, and patiently wait the appearance of Vi... • Bootblack Scene - It's an aggravating state of affairs when the weather takes you quite unawares; no umbrella, bodice thin, we are wet through to the skin. • Finale Act I - Oh, why this row and why this clatter, tell us, tell us what's the matter. Did this man attempt to batter, pick a pocket, rob? ... Act II • Opening Chorus - Hip! Hip-hooray, 'tis a glorious day our joyous joys to utter. The mutton, ham, are smeared with jam, there's cayenne on the butter... • Song - Artie and Chorus - A story of love I will tell, about a society belle who left a good home, with a