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ACT TWO Queenie has consulted her book of magic spells and has come up with a plan on how to deal with Snow White. She disguises herself as a Spanish Peddler who is selling combs and plans to sell Snow White a comb that contains a magic sleeping potion. The next morning the brothers go off to work and Snow White stays behind to tidy up the cabin. They warn her not to talk to any strangers. After a few hours, Queenie, in her disguise, shows up. At first Snow White will not talk with her, and she does not recognize that it is Queenie. After some work, Queenie persuades Snow White to wear the comb and she faints from the potion. Soon, Joe comes around looking for Snow White. Queenie drags her inside to hide her and resumes her disguise. Joe asks about Snow White, and Queenie sends him away saying she has not seen her. The only way to get the comb out of Snow White’s hair is for someone to say the magic words, “El gnat nu” which is untangle backwards. She is sure that no one will ever think of this though. When the brothers get home, they find Snow White passed out in the cabin. After some thinking they realize she must be under a spell and they must remove the comb. They figure out the magic words and Snow White wakes up. The next day, after asking her mirror, Queenie finds out that Snow White has been saved! She comes up with another plan. This time, she will use a magic apple and show up disguised as an Indian woman. The brothers go off to work but leave Shorty behind to protect Snow White. She has only poisoned half the apple, so she gets Shorty to taste one side and say it is OK, then she poisons Snow White. The other brothers come home for lunch and find Snow White under another spell! They chase after Queenie, and finally manage to catch her. Joe hears all the commotion and catches up with them. The boys realize this is the Prince that Snow White had told them about. They show him what has happened to Snow White. Queenie insists that this is the only spell she does not know how to undo. Shorty thinks hard and realizes that Snow White is sick. With his poor spelling, he says that sick backwards is kiss. If someone kisses her she will wake up. Joe does just that and she indeed wakes up. He asks Snow White to marry him and she accepts. They forgive Queenie for what she has done and the narrator steps into the story as the Minister and marries them. CAST - 10 men, 2 women, Chorus • Joe Prince (lyric baritone): Juvenile lead. Handsome Western hero. • Mr. White (baritone or bass): Character actor. Kindly and spry old prospector. (can double as Sneaky Sam). • Narrator (baritone or tenor): Male character actor. It is desirable if the actor can play either a guitar or banjo, as well as a harmonica, but this is optional and not essential to his role. • Queenie (mezzo): Character comedienne with a lusty belt quality. > • Sneaky Sam (baritone): Character actor. Queenie's henchman. (can double as Sneaky Sam). • Snow White (Soprano): Ingenue lead. Very pretty, with long hair. The Dwarf Brothers - "Hank," "Jake," "Mike," "Chuck," "Pete," "Slim," "Shorty." (any combination of tenors, baritones and basses) The first six brothers should preferably be around 5'8" in height. Shorty should be at least 6' or over. MUSICAL NUMBERS • Gold In California - Narrator • Joe Prince - Joe Prince • Eldorado - Snow White • Snow White - Joe Prince, Dwarf Brothers • Kidnapped - Meany • Seven - Snow White • Comin' Home - Dwarf Brothers • Goodnight - Snow White, Dwarf Brothers • Giddy-up - Dwarf Brothers • Rita & Spanish Comb - Snow White, Queenie, Meany • Which Way Did They Go? - Dwarf Brothers • An Apple A Day - Snow White, Queenie • The Wedding - Meany INSTRUMENTATION Piano