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SNOWWHITE GOES WEST Adaptation and lyrics by Jim Eiler, based on the Brothers Grimm fairy-tale, music by Jim Eiler and Jeanne Bargy SYNOPSIS Everyone in this Prince Street Players show catches goldrush fever as the ‘49ers meet a classic fairy-tale. With the raucous saloon hall owner, Queenie, handsome Marshall Prince, the Seven Dwarf brothers (miners in “them thar hills”) and lovely Miss Snow White herself, can anyone think of a better way to pan for gold? Songs include “Gold in California”, “Comin’ Home”, “An Apple a Day” and “Snow White”. It’s Snow White with a Stetson! Set during the California Gold Rush, this rambunctious tongue-in-cheek retelling of the timeless classic pits the hapless heroine against an ill-tempered saloon hall owner named Queenie and her assistant Sneaky Sam. In true fairy tale fashion, all ends well, thanks to handsome marshal Joe Prince and the seven prospecting Dwarf Brothers. STORY ACT ONE The Narrator, in full Western get up, enters and sings an old country tune. He explains that there have been many versions of the Fairy Tale of Snow White. Even back in the gold rush days they had their own version of the tale, only it was a Western version. He presents Queenie who owns a saloon: The Crystal Palace. She loves money and gold, but more than anything, she loves herself. She has a magic mirror to which she always asks, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” There are also the seven dwarfs, although in this story, they are seven brothers whose last name is Dwarf. They own and run a gold mine in the Sacramento Mountains. Then there is the Prince, in this story, Joe Prince. His father struck the richest vein in those parts and named it the Prince Mines. He died soon after though and Joe was left everything. He is the richest and most handsome miner in all of California. Snow White and her father, Mr. White come along in search of gold. Her mother died and she never knew her, but her father tells her she looks just like her. She looks at her reflection in the river and finds some gold! They are going to find the nearest town and stake their claim. The nearest town is Vulture Gulch, which is where Queenie runs Crystal Palace. Mr. White tells everyone of his fortune and Queenie swindles him into marrying her and steals all his property. Soon after, Mr. White dies of a broken heart, leaving Snow White alone to care for her stepmother Queenie. Queenie puts Snow White to work and treats her as a slave. One day as she is cleaning, Joe comes in and they introduce themselves. Joe had been away for a while and did not even know Queenie had married or who Snow White was. Joe is the newly appointed Marshal of the territory and was stopping in to tell Queenie she better mend her ways. As he walks away, he realizes that he is quite taken with Snow White. He wishes to get her away from Queenie and to marry her. Queenie asks her mirror again who is the fairest. This time, its response is Snow White. She cannot have this so she decides she must get rid of Snow White. She employs Sneaky Sam to come in after the saloon is closed to kidnap Snow White. He is to take her into the mountains and lose her. He does as he is ordered. Snow White is frightened and runs through the woods and mountains. Finally, she finds refuge in a cave where she collapses from exhaustion. The next morning she wanders and finds her way to a cabin. In it she discovers there must be a family of 7. She crawls into one of the beds and falls into a deep sleep, and is still there when the Dwarf Brothers return. The boys wake her and she tells them her story. They invite her to stay for dinner and she insists that she do the cooking. Meanwhile, Joe has come looking for Snow White and Queenie tells him that she ran off. He does not believe her and warns that he will find her. He tells her that if he finds out she had anything to do with Snow White disappearing, he will close down her saloon and run her out of town. She consults her mirror again sure that she is the fairest now. The mirror tells her that Snow White who is in the cabin of the Dwarf Brothers is still the fairest. Meanwhile, Snow White and the brothers are getting along so well that they decide she should stay with them.