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One That Got Away - The Hobgoblin SCENE 4. Reprise: Home - Karl, Gerda, Grandmother and Children PRINCIPALS: - 1 girl, 3 boys, 7 female, 4 male, 2 crows, 1 reindeer SINGING CHARACTERS THE HOBGOBLIN - A wicked, spindly character of black magic arts. KARL - A lively boy of about twelve years. GERDA - His sister, a pretty girl a year or so his junior. GRANDMOTHER - A very comfortable-looking old lady. HANS & LARS - Two boys of about Karl's age. THE SNOW QUEEN - Tall and coldly beautiful. PRINCE & PRINCESS- A handsome couple, newly married and very happy. TWO CROWS - Very loquacious birds. THE ROBBER KING - A handsome villain. THE ROBBER GIRL - Dark, fierce and dashing. THE REINDEER - A haughty animal. THE FINNISH WOMAN - A practical, kindly woman. NON-SINGING CHARACTERS THE OLD WOMAN - A little rosy-apple of a woman who has a magic garden. COURT CHAMBERLAIN THE OLD ROBBER WOMAN - An ugly, vile old woman. CHORUS of SOLDIERS, FLOWERS, COURTIERS, ROBBER BAND, SNOWFLAKES, CHILDREN, (N.B. The music for the chorus which is arranged in two parts and may be sung in unison if desired.) SCENES AND SETTINGS: (The action takes place in Scandinavia over a period of winter months.) ACT I PROLOGUE - Tabs. SCENE 1 - Interior: Karl and Gerdas Home. SCENE 2 - Tabs: On the Way to the Snow Queens Palace. SCENE 3 - The Magic Flower Garden. SCENE 4 - The Royal Palace. ACT II SCENE 1 - The Robber Camp. SCENE 2 - Interior: The Finnish Womans Hut. SCENE 3 - The Snow Queens Palace. SCENE 4 - Interior: Karl and Gerdas Home. Instrumentation: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, 3 percussion, strings