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them asking the same question, if anything good will happen. They decide to organize a party, but Snoopy isn’t allowed. Snoopy decides he will have his own party and still will have a fun time (“When Do the Good Things Start?”) Act II The show reopens with the whole gang thinking about how friends help each other all the time (“Friend”). Unfortunately, Playbeagle (a play on Playboy) has decided not to publish Snoopy’s manuscript, but Snoopy’s spirits remain undaunted even amid the throes of rejection, as he begins his new story (“The Great Writer”). The story is only a spoof off classic movies and is rejected by the writers. Later, Peppermint Patty sarcastically expresses her love for Charlie Brown (“Poor Sweet Baby”), but soon says that “it’ll never happen”. Sally asks Linus if he can go to the movies, but he rejects. However, Sally is still confident that one day Linus will marry her (“Husband Material”) Sally, seeing leaves fall from a tree, remarks that there is something to learn from the cycle of life (“Don’t Be Anything Less Than Everything You Can Be”). While sitting atop his doghouse, Snoopy receives a letter delivered by Woodstock: he has become Head Beagle. Snoopy celebrates his success happily, ready for anything (“The Big Bow-Wow”). Later, the gang begins a discussion of Christmas and innocence. Then, looking up at the starry sky, Charlie Brown remarks “I think that there must be a tiny star out there that is my star.” They reflect on their friendships and realize that if one person changes their world, they might as well be friends forever (“Just One Person”). Linus remarks to Charlie Brown, “Well, as Lucy always says, he isn’t much of a dog.” Snoopy replies, “But, after all, who is?” After the show, a bow is sung with a reprise of “Don’t Be Anything Less Than Everything You Can Be”. MUSICAL NUMBERS: Act I • “Overture” - Orchestra • “The World According to Snoopy” - Company • “Snoopy’s Song” - Snoopy and Company • “Woodstock’s Theme” - Orchestra • “Hurry Up, Face” - Peppermint Patty • “Edgar Allan Poe” - Peppermint Patty, Lucy, Sally, Linus, and Charlie Brown • “Mother’s Day” - Snoopy† • “I Know Now” - Sally, Peppermint Patty, and Lucy • “The Vigil” - Linus • “Clouds” - Company • “Where Did That Little Dog Go?” - Charlie Brown • “Dime a Dozen” - Lucy, Snoopy, Peppermint Patty, and Sally† • “Daisy Hill” - Snoopy • “When Do the Good Things Start?” - Company Act II • “Entr’acte” - Orchestra (original “Overture” music in West End production) • “Friend” - Company • “The Great Writer” - Snoopy • “Poor Sweet Baby” - Peppermint Patty • “Husband Material” - Sally • “Don’t Be Anything Less Than Everything You Can Be” - Sally, Linus, Peppermint Patty, and Charlie Brown • “The Big Bow-Wow” - Snoopy • “Just One Person” - Snoopy and Company • “Don’t Be Anything Less Than Everything You Can Be” (reprise) - Company