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Nicholas will not stand for this. He wants these boys treated differently. Nicholas leads the boys as they run riot and overpower the Squeers family wrecking everything in sight. The scene transforms itself back to the modern school where the classroom is torn up just like Dotheboys. The boys look at the scene and start to clean up realising that they better do it before they get in trouble. Smeeton helps organize the clean up, making a new arrangement of desks that is less formal. The boys find themselves very happy as they recount the tale of Nicholas Nickleby. Miss Grant enters and sees how the room has been rearranged and goes off to get the Headmaster. Smeeton is definitely touched by the entire experience and leads the boys in song. (Smeeton has played Smike throughout incidentally.) When Miss Grant returns with the Headmaster, she is shocked to find that he likes the new arrangement. He feels that there is less of a barrier between the teacher and the students. He then takes Smeeton aside and tells the boy that he just received a letter from his foster parents who want to get together and speak about the boy's future. The Headmaster has just finished studying Nicholas Nickleby and sees how important it is to give students more freedom. In fact, he is ready to let the boys perform a full-scale production of Nicholas Nickleby that they can rehearse during the school day as well. Miss Grant, too, is slowly won over by his way of thinking. Nicholls reaffirms that all they need to do is believe and they can transform what is bad into good. CAST: - 3 female, 11 male (certain parts may be played by either sex) • SMEETON Plays Smike • NICHOLLS Plays Nicholas Nickleby • HEADMASTER Plays Mr. Squeers • MRS. SQUEERS • MISS GRANT Plays Miss Fanny Squeers • TUBBY A bully, plays Wackford Squeers Junior • BROWN A wag, plays Bolder • COATES A grumbler, plays Cobbey • MARSH Plays Graymarsh • PLANK A slow boy, plays Master Belling • MR. RALPH NICKLEBY • MR. SNAWLEY • RICHARD Landlord of the Saracen's Head • TILDA Friend of Miss Fanny Squeers • BOYS MUSICAL NUMBERS: Overture - Orchestra Daily Test Chant - Headmaster, Class Doing Things By Numbers - Boys Here I Am - Nicholls, Boys Stop! And Just Think Who You Could Be - Boys, Smeeton We've Got The Youngsters' Interest At Heart - Squeers, Snawley Wackford, Fanny, Squeersy And Me - Squeers, Mrs. Squeers, Wackford, Fanny Dotheboys Hall - Squeers, Mrs. Squeers, Boys Better Off The Way I Am - Smike Don't Let Life Get You Down - Boys, Nicholas In The Warm Light Of A Brand New Day - Smike Dotheboys Rock - Bolder Brimstone And Treacle - Mrs. Squeers, Boys Your Kind Of Woman - Mrs. Squeers, Nicholas We'll Find Our Day - Nicholas, Fanny Believe - Nicholls, Boys INSTRUMENTATION: Reed I (flute), Reed II (clarinet, alto sax), Reed III (clarinet, tenor sax), trumpets, trombone, percussion, 2 guitars. Alternative Instrumentation: Reed I (alto sax, clarinet, flute, piccolo), Reed II (tenor sax, flute, oboe), horn, 2 trumpets, trombone, 2 percussion, 3 guitars, piano, 2 synthesizers, strings