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more lavish facilities can be employed. In either event, it is important to achieve a difference of levels on the stage, to suggest the actors coming "down" into Cinderella's kitchen, for example, and "up" to leave the Palace ballroom or the King's bedroom in Act II. The directions given in the text adopt a middle course and the producer/designer will quickly see how the scene changes can be simply accomplished. In the original performance of this stage version a three-part set was utilised with a kitchen downstage left, a ruin/graveyard/grotto downstage right and a movable set of steps and double doors representing the palace exterior/interior on the mainstage. In addition great use could be made of a catwalk built around the orchestra pit especially in numbers such as "Protocoligorically Correct" and "Position and Positioning". No attempt is made to give a lighting plot as this entirely depends on the equipment available but, generally speaking, the play calls for full-up, warm, bright lighting. Pinks and ambers are probably best for this and a circuit of blues in the cyclorama battens will help night fall and dawn effects. If the system described above is used then, of course, each area of the stage needs to be lit in turn. Although The Slipper and the Rose is not to be compared with a pantomime, nevertheless a good deal of magic is required - in fact, the role of the Fairy Godmother should ideally be played by a performer who is acquainted with the basic techniques of stage magic. This is by no means essential, however, and there are many ways in which all the illusions can be produced with some practice and a little help from the stage manager. SCENES AND SETTINGS ACT 1 • Overture Graveyard/Palace stable yard • Scene 1 - Interior of Cinderella's House • Scene 2 - Interior of Palace • Scene 3 - Graveyard • Scene 4 - Cinderella's Kitchen • Scene 5(a) - Field • Scene 5 - Interior of Palace • Scene 6 - Hallway of Cinderella's House • Scene 7(a) - A Bedroom at the Palace (insert) • Scene 7(b) - Interior of Dress Shop (insert) • Scene 8 - Cinderella's Kitchen • Scene 8(b) - Fairy Godmother's Hideaway (insert ACT 2 • Scene 1 - Interior of Palace • Scene 1(b) - Field • Scene 2 - Hallway of Cinderella's House • Scene 3 - Interior of Palace • Scene 3(a) - Street • Scene 4 - Interior of palace • Scene 5 - Field • Scene 5(a) - A Bedroom at the Palace (insert) • Scene 6 - Interior of Palace • Scene 7 - Faraway • Scene 8 - The Cathedral Running time approximately two hours and thirty minutes including one interval MUSICAL NUMBERS Overture - Orchestra Why Can't I Be Two People? - Prince Edward What Has Love to Do with Getting Married? - The King, The Queen, The Dowager Queen, Montague Once I Was Loved - Cinderella What a Comforting Thing To Kow - Prince Edward, John Protocoligorically Correct - The King, The Lord Chamberlain, The General, Ministers A Bride Finding a Ball - Prince Edward, Montague Suddenly It Happeds - Fairy Godmother, Cinderella Waltz Theme - Orchestra Secret Kingdom - Prince Edward, Cinderella He Danced With Me / She Danced With Me - Prince Edward, Cinderella