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song with genuine soul (“There Ain’t No Flies on Jesus”). The cast seems back on track, and Monday offers them the chance to confess. Ranee is ready and confesses that she aborted the child of a man who came into her life, then left her (“Deadalus”). Betty Lou and Marc tell the story of a husband who puts God above all else. He refuses to do anything on Sunday, aside from worshiping the Lord, putting a strain on his marriage. Betty Lou and Marc find this behavior senseless (“Deuteronomy XVII Verse 2”). Farley takes Marc and turns him to Leroy, who comforts him (“For Ever / Footloose Youth and Fancy Free”). Monday then asks the audience to contribute to the church. The cast goes throughout the audience taking up a collection. When the cast returns to the stage with the collection, Monday puts all of the money in his pocket. Farley questions him on this, and Monday agrees to share it with everyone, celebrating the ecumenical movement of the church (“Schwartz”). One by one, the cast members leave the stage as Monday tells them that their native religion is meaningless under the guidelines of the ecumenical movement. Eventually, Monday is left on the stage, alone, after he has offended everyone and their individual faiths. Elsewhere, the cast is “smoking” from a giant Coke bottle, doing drugs and getting stoned (“Let’s Get Lost in Now”). Farley once again confronts Monday, saying that he has presented God to them in so many ways – why can’t he just make up his mind? Monday informs them that God is actually a verb (“Back to Genesis”). He reminds them that if they all go back to the beginning of simplicity, they will find the true meaning of God. The cast has an epiphany as the curtain falls (“Tomorrow Is the First Day of the Rest of My Life”). CAST: - 4 men, 4 women • BETTY LOU - Smoky/sexy with a soft side • BOO - Rebellious, dissatisfied, loud, free • DIERDRE - Plain, average girl, simple, in discovery • FARLEY - Energetic nay-sayer, takes over the service • LEROY - Gospel singer, carefree • MARC - Cynical, hard-driven • MONDAY - Handsome young preacher/leader • RANEE - A little disturbed underneath it all MUSICAL NUMBERS: • Overture (Band) • Salvation (Monday, Ranee, Deidre, Mark, Betty Lou) • In Between (Betty Lou, Deidre, Ranee, LeRoy) • 1001 (LeRoy) • Honest Confession Is Good for the Soul (Monday, Boo, Farley, Company) • Bailin’ (Company) • Let the Moment Slip By (Deidre) • Gina (Mark, Farley, Company) • Stockhausen Potpourri (Company) • If You Let Me Make Love to You Then Why Can’t I Touch You (Company) • There Ain’t No Flies on Jesus (Company, with vocal improvisations by LeRoy, Farley, Mark) • Deadalus (Ranee) • Deuteronomy XVII Verse 2 (Mark, Betty Lou, with Ranee, Boo, Deidre) • For Ever (LeRoy, Mark, with Betty Lou, Ranee, Boo, Deidre) • Footloose Youth and Fancy-Free (Boo, LeRoy) • Schwartz (Company) • Let’s Get Lost in Now (Mark, Company) • Back to Genesis (Company) • Tomorrow Is the First Day of the Rest of My Life (Farley, Company) INSTRUMENTATION: Reed (flute/clarinet/bass clarinet/alto sax), trumpet db. flugelhorn, electronic organ db. piano/electric piano, guitar (electric/acoustic), percussion, bass guitar DISCOGRAPHY Salvation (1969 Off-Broadway Cast)