Shows S

6. CREEPS (by Michael Bryan. Music by Harry Jacobson) Wallas Eaton 7. TWILIGHT IN THE TUILERIES (by George Wood) The Man - Walter Crisham The Woman - Charlotte Bidmead The Girl - Pamela Kail Other Characters - Gwen Cherrell, Laurel Grey, Monica Mallory, Kathleen Stuart, John Hewer 8. BLANCHISSEUSE HEUREUSE (by Arthur Macrae. Music by Harry Jacobson) Hermione Gingold 9. MENU (by Peter Myers. Music by Harry Jacobson.) Christopher Hewett 10. “AND TO HELL—” (by Leslie Julian Jones) Walter Crisham and the Girls 11. FOREVER ENGLAND (By Barbara Vereker) Part I. Christopher Hewett, John Hewer, Byfield Riches. Part II. Hermione Gingold, Wallas Eaton. 12. MRS. WEAVER’S BEAVER MUFF (by John Jowitt. Music by Harry Jacobson) Gretchen Franklin, Laurel Grey, Byfield Riches 13. ALL MY OWN WORK (by Barbara Vereker. Music by Harry Jacobson) Gretchen Franklin 14. FLOWER SHOW (by Leslie Julian Jones) Hermione Gingold, Walter Crisham, and the Company Items not used • Symphony of Love (Peter Myers) • Lovely Day (Philip Loftus. Music by Leslie Julian Jones) • Rita Raven (by Cliff Gordon. Music by Cliff Gordon and Stanley Black)