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SLINGS AND ARROWS An Intimate Revue Devised by Hermione Gingold and Charles Hickman. The Cast is shown alongside the programme items below. At the Piano HARRY JACOBSON and EDNA DOWNING: Directed by CHARLES HICKMAN: Settings and Costumes by Berkeley Sutcliffe: Choreography by Pauline Grant Comedy Theatre, London - 17 November, 1948 PROGRAMME ACT I 1. OPENING - MORNING, AFTERNOON and EVENING (by Leslie Julian Jones) Dressmaker - John Hewer Client - Gwen Cherrell MORNING - Monica Mallory, Wallas Eaton, Robert Bishop, Diana Maddox, Byfield Riches, Kathleen Stuart AFTERNOON - Gretchen Franklin, Laurel Grey, Christopher Hewett, Charlotte Bidmead, Pamela Kail EVENING - Hermione Gingold, Walter Crisham 2. SCANDAL ON THE SABBATH (by Peter Myers. Music by Norman Dannett) Diana Maddox, Pamela Kail, Monica Mallory, Laurel Grey, Kathleen Stuart 3. BRITISH WAY (by Kenneth Dear) - Commère - Kathleen Stuart Part I. Father - Walter Crisham Mother - Charlotte Bidmead Butler - Wallas Eaton Son - Christopher Hewett Young Woman - Monica Mallory Part II. Mother - Gretchen Franklin Daughter - Gwen Cherrell Son - Byfield Riches Father - Walter Crisham 4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE - (by Peter Myers. Music by Harry Jacobson) Hermione Gingold 5. I BOUGHT A MOUNTAIN - (by Leslie Julian Jones and Virginia Winter) Walter Crisham 6. SIT DOWN A MINUTE MEDEA - (by Arthur Macrae) Women of Corinth - Christopher Hewett, Laurel Grey, Kathleen Stuart Nurse - Charlotte Bidmead Medea - Hermione Gingold Jason - Robert Bishop Messenger - Wallas Eaton