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CAST: - 5 female, 5 male, no chorus • Eric “Rubber Legs” De Vene • Sue • Gary • Sharon • Bridget • Penny • Shirl • Eddie • Terry • Rick THE SCENES: In and around The Club A Go-Go INSTRUMENTATION: keyboards, 2 electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drums Vocal Score and Libretto on hire only • "A pleasurable, lightly satirical revel in Sixties manners and music ... with bite, kick and hanky-panky." Guardian • "The Heather Brothers' musical spoof on the Saturday night rituals of pubescent 17-year-old delinquents in the 60s is full of such clever self-mocking charm that it's difficult to come away feeling anything but thoroughly entertained ... the real pleasure comes from the Brothers' shameless poaching of an eclectic cross-section of famous 60s numbers - Cliff and the Shads to Bob Dylan via the Beatles - superb comic pastiche and sharp, cuff-link humour " Time Out • "A Slice of Saturday Night" is a musical pastiche that takes you spinning back to the Swinging decade to celebrate the eternal embarrassment of teen age ... girls in mini-skirts and boys in Chelsea boots sing songs about teen trauma that sound like all those 60s hits you've heard on retrospective shows." What's On DISCOGRAPHY: Original London Cast Recording