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SLEEPING BEAUTY Adaptation and lyrics by Jim Eiler, based on the fairy-tale by Charles Perrault, music by Jim Eiler and Jeanne Bargy SYNOPSIS A new look at an old, old tale: she is not only the spellbound beauty, the Prince is an enchanted Faun, and his kisses release more than one spell, to the dismay of the wicked Fairy Trollarina. Another children's musical from the Prince Street Players. Songs include "I'm So Mad", "It's Lovely To Be A Troll" and "Spinning Song". A sleeping princess, a spellbound Prince and more fairies than you can shake a stick at are all part of this quirky adaptation of the popular tale. The evil Trollarina exacts her revenge on theroyal family by sending the beautiful Princess Melisande into an everlasting sleep, but little doesshe realise more than one spell is about to be broken by the kiss of an enchanted Faun. STORY ACT ONE An ornate stone bench on a dais is situated in the gardens of a castle. The Blue Faun dances through, playing a pan pipe. Then, three fairies come dancing in: Sybil, Phoebe and Minerva. They are "good" fairies and sing and dance about. Phoebe has called together the fairies to relay some good news. The King and Queen, whose castle they have protected for years, have just had a baby girl. They had wanted a baby for so long and this is truly a gift! The fairies are to convene in this garden for the Christening. Minerva will bless her with perfect beauty, Sybil with bless her with the gift of song and Phoebe will bless her with the gift of dance. They suddenly realize that they have not accounted for their other sister, Trollarina. She has been locked in a tower but had just escaped. She will throw a tantrum if she is not included. The sisters are about to call her when the King and Queen arrive; it is too late to include Trollarina. Everyone has gathered and welcomes the King and Queen and their new daughter. They name the baby Melisande and all cheer for her. The Queen sings to soothe her baby. Trollarina comes storming in. The King and Queen do not know who she is-she has been locked up for over 50 years. The other fairies introduce her and explain their oversight in not inviting her. She is still fuming mad. Trollarina pledges her revenge for not being invited. She begins to say how she cursed the son of the King who locked her up but she stops herself. Two of the good fairies give their blessings. Then, thinking she too is good, the Queen invited Trollarina to give her blessing. She blesses her with the gift of spinning. But, one day while spinning, she will run the spindle into her hand and fall into a sleep that she cannot be awakened from by neither the King nor the Queen. The third fairy has not given her blessing yet. While she cannot undo the spell that has been cast, she can add to it. Melisande will sleep for 100 years and on the last day of the hundredth year, a prince will awaken her with a kiss. Thinking he will head it off at the pass, the King banishes all spinning wheels from the kingdom. Sixteen years go by and all is well with the Princess. Trollarina catches the Blue Faun dancing through the garden. She asks if he remembers who he is or where he came from. He does not. She also asks if he knows that he is under her power. He nods his head "yes." Then Trollarina runs off deciding in honour of her 16th birthday, it is time for the Princess to learn to spin. The good fairies gather again in the garden to celebrate the Princess' birthday. Phoebe inquires of the king if Trollarina has ever returned. He says no and that spinning wheels are still banned. The good fairies feel that all must be well for another year then and they go on their way. The Princess asks her mother if she may stay in the garden and play. The King and Queen have been careful to keep secret the spell that was cast on their daughter. They decide to tell her that very afternoon since she has now grown old enough. They want to make sure she is careful to avoid spinning wheels. Once she is alone, Melisande calls out and the faun appears. She speaks of how they have been friends for all these years. She feels sorry for him that he does not know who he is or where he came from. The Faun dances away and as she is about to go home, the Princess is confronted by Trollarina. She carries with her a