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daydream; this time she is a Scarlet O'Hara-ish Southern belle and Roger is her Rhett-ish suitor. Awake, she begins to have doubts about keeping the unproductive antique shop, which leads appropriately into another dream in which her shop is crowded with happy customers. At the Knickerbocker Auction Gallery, where Georgina has gone to bid on more antiques, she meets Roger who urges her to sell her brownstone because he has discovered that it does not, as has been claimed, date back to the days of Rutherford B. Hayes. This is hardly a persuasive enough argument for Georgina who then, in a daydream, finds herself bidding on, of all things, Tim. Back in her bedroom, Georgina is star-tied to find Tim hanging outside her window on a crane. She reluctantly agrees to have dinner with him because he has also promised to take her to the Lincoln Film Festival, which she has been anxious to attend. ACT 2 At The Gaiety, a tiny, bustling delicatessen where Georgina has joined Tim for dinner, she causes something of a stir by ordering a pastrami sandwich on toasted raisin bread with lettuce and mayonnaise. However, the jostling crowd hardly disturbs her as she imagines herself dining at an elegant French restaurant. Following the movie at Lincoln Center, Tim takes Georgina atop the steel girders of the new building. He tries to explain that while some of the newer buildings in the city are ugly, many are really well designed, and that there is more than one way to build a city. Roger, of course, is still anxious to get his "crust," but has yet to come up with an idea that will alter Georgina's mind about selling her house. Meeting Bert, he tries to calm him and suddenly hits upon an idea. Dashing over to The Litterbug, he asks Georgina to sell her house and go away with him. While she is trying to decide what to do, Tim comes In and urges her to stop living in a dream world and try to turn her dreams into reality? This convinces Georgina she will go away with Roger. Alone and miserable, Tim tries to console himself. In a final dream Georgina comes face-to-face with the reality of selling her house, which, as Tim has pointed out, she has been preserving as her dreaming place. She pleads with her dream Tim, but unexpectedly he rebels and takes over her dream, causing it to misbehave. In the end, Georgina wakes up and marries Tim. They spend their wedding night in her house the last night it will be standing before the wrecker's ball begins knocking it down. Stanley Green - Author, The World of Musical Comedy - from the original album MUSICAL NUMBERS Occasional Flight of Fancy - Georgina, Officials Run For Your Life - Tim, Herbert Local 403 (Socially Conscious Iron Workers) - Stanley, Construction Workers, Girls Opposites - Georgina, Tim Run For Your Life (reprise) - Tim Just the Crust - Roger, Stanley Everybody Has the Right to Be Wrong - Georgina, Tim Everybody Has the Right to Be Wrong (reprise) - Georgina Wrong! - Georgina,Mrs Allerton, Charlotte, Customers The Auction (Ballet) - Customers Occasional Flight of Fancy (reprise) - Georgina The Gaiety - Customers More Than One Way - Tim Haute Couture - Stanley, Models, Workers Don't Worry - Roger, Herbert Don't Worry (reprise) - Georgina, Roger I'll Only Miss Her When I Think of Her - Tim Spare That Building - Georgina, Tim, Roger, Company