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SIX OF ONE Revue Musical in 2 acts. Devised by Francis Essex. Musical Numbers staged by Irving Davis. Loosely based on the stage career (thus far) of Dora Bryan. Cast: Dora Bryan; Richard Wattis; Dennis Lotis; Amanda Barrie; John Hewer and Sheila O'Neill Adelphi Theatre, London - 26 September, 1963 Programme: OVERTURE — FRANK HORROX and the Orchestra INTRODUCTION — DORA BRYAN "FROM THE BACK OF THE GODS," "DON'T DO A SOLO" - by John Taylor 1. PANTOMIME "THE GOLDEN EGGS" Dame - JOHN HEWER Pantomime Characters - THE DANCERS & SINGERS Principal Boy - HILDA CAMPBELL RUSSELL Babes - DORA BRYAN, AMANDA BARRIE, SHEILA O'NEILL, CORALIE PERSSE, ELAINE TAYLOR "It's Pantomime" and "Whistling Type Weather" by John Taylor 2. CONCERT PARTY "THE SEA STARS" The Leading Lady - DORA BRYAN The Leading Man - RICHARD WATTIS The Singer - DENNIS LOTIS The Soubrette - AMANDA BARRIE The Comic - JOHN HEWER The Dancer - SHEILA O'NEILL "Away We Go," "Hello to You," "The Sea Stars" by John Taylor "Along My Way" by Dennis Lotis "Versatile Trio" by Alan Melville Music by Dennis Wilson 3. REVUE "KEEP IT SIMPLE" by John Taylor - Anthea Slatter and the Dancers "INTIMACY" by John Taylor - Dora Bryan, Amanda Barrie, Sheila O'Neill "FRIEND IN FRONT" by Cardew Robinson - Richard Wattis, John Hewer "I'VE NOT COME HERE TO BE INSULTED" by Arthur Macrae, Music by Richard Addinsell - Dora Bryan "GOOD MORNING" by Sean Vincent. Music by Ian Fraser - Dennis Lotis, Sheila O'Neill, and the Company "GRETA" by Vivian Ellis - Amanda Barrie "MISS BEASLEY" by Alan Melville - Dora Bryan, Richard Wattis, John Hewer "I'M SO IN LOVE" by Dennis Lotis - Dennis Lotis, Liz Newell, Elaine Taylor "TWO BY TWO" by Julius Emanuel & Harold Rottesman - Dora Bryan "SHE SHALL HAVE MUSIC" (a colour dance) Lyrics by Robert Gould. Music by Arthur Wilkinson -