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lancers, and waltzes. A party guest, dressed as Empress Eugenie of France, steps forward to sing a reverie. Bill appears at the party to offer his services to his uncle. In the six months since Act One he has become a famous private detective, and offers to protect the house and the guests. Pennington declines his offer. Bill sees May, who is overjoyed to see him. He tells her she was the inspiration for his success. May is still very unhappy, however. She misses Dixie terribly, and longs to see her. Horace and Uncle Jo plot their caper. Jo plans to strike after the party, when the ladies are asleep. Horace, newly educated, begins to have doubts about the enterprise, having learned from going to the movies that criminals always end up in jail. Uncle Jo wistfully remembers his dear old prison days. Dixie suddenly appears at the party. She has prevailed on her new employer, the famous New York dressmaker Jeanette, to send her to Florida to fit May's party dresses herself-so here she is! May is elated to see her sister. The twins dream of the day when they can be together always. Horace is as glad to see Dixie as May is. He passionately declares his love for her (and her cooking). They resolve to marry in spite of everything. Bill seeks out May and proposes. They sing of their future in a little bungalow somewhere, and of the enchanted conveyance that will take them there-the Long Island Rail Road. Horace, out of love for Dixie, resolves to go straight. He tells her he can never be hers, and that he is not worthy of her. They dance one dance, and he departs. Sadly, Dixie gazes at the sky, left with only the Man in the Moon for a dancing partner. Uncle Jo almost makes off with the jewels, but a newly reformed Horace manages to foil his escape. Overjoyed, Dixie accepts Horace's proposal. He gives Dixie the credit for recovering the missing jewels, leading Mr. Pennington to give his blessing to their marriage-and May and Bill's in the bargain. All ends happily (even for Uncle Jo!). CAST • William Pennington • Bill Pennington • Judson Waters • Babe LaMarr • May Tolliver • Dixie Tolliver • Horace Peabody • Uncle Jo • Mrs. Wagstaff • Empress Eugenie MUSICAL NUMBERS: • Overture • Is This Not A Lovely Spot? - William Pennington, Bill Pennington, Judson Waters, Babe LaMarr, Chorus • You Alone Would Do - Bill Pennington, Babe LaMarr • Worries - Dixie Tolliver, Bill Pennington • Bongo On The Congo - Horace Peabody, Judson Waters, Uncle Jo • Mr. and Mrs. Rorer - Dixie Tolliver, Horace Peabody • There Isn't One Girl - Bill Pennington • A Year From Today - Bill Pennington, May Tolliver • Shufflin' Sam - Dixie Tolliver, Chorus • Days Gone By - Empress Eugenie • All You Need Is A Girl - Bill Pennington, May Tolliver, Chorus • Tulip Time In Sing Sing - Uncle Jo • On A Desert Island With You - May Tolliver, Dixie Tolliver • The Enchanted Train - May Tolliver, Bill Pennington • Shadow Of The Moon - Dixie Tolliver, Male Chorus • Sitting Pretty - Horace Peabody, Dixie Tolliver • All the World Is Dancing Mad - Bill Pennington, Judson Waters, Uncle Jo, Horace Peabody • I'm Wise -Bill Pennington • Just Wait DISCOGRAPHY: Studio Cast recording starring Judy Blazer, Paige O'Hara, Davis Gaines, Jason Graae, Merwin Goldsmith, Paul V. Ames, Beverly Lambert and Paula Laurence Conducted by John McGlinn - New World Records 80387 - 2