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an engagement in the new Ziegfeld Follies. In the revue's Butterfly Ballet, amid choruses of butterflies and moths, Sally dances and dances and emerges from her lepidopteral surroundings a full-fledged Ziegfeld star. In the finale, Sally and Blair, Mrs. Ten Broek and Connie, and Rosie and Otis all take their multiple wedding vows as the joy bells ring out in the Little Church Around the Corner. Stanley Green ORIGINAL CAST - New York • Pops, Proprietor of the Alley Inn, New York: ALFRED P. JAMES. • Rosalind Rafferty, a manicurist: MARY HAY. • Madame Nookerova's Maid: MARY HAY. • Sascha, Violinist at the Alley Inn: Jacques Rebiroff. • Otis Hooper, a Theatrical Agent: WALTER CATLETT. • Mrs. Ten Broek, a Settlement Worker: DOLORES. • Sally of the Alley, a Foundling: MARILYN MILLER. • Madame Nookerova, a Wild Rose: MARILYN MILLER. • Premier Star of the Follies: MARILYN MILLER. • Connie, a Waiter at the Alley Inn: LEON ERROL. • Duke of Czechogovinia: LEON ERROL. • Miss New York, a Niece: Agatha Dehussey. • Admiral Travers, a gay one: Phil Ryley. • Blair Farquar, an Only Son: IRVING FISHER. • Jimmie Spelvin: STANLEY RIDGES. • Alta: Alta King. • Betty: Betty Williams. • Barbara: Barbara Dean. • Vivian: Vivian Vernon. • Mary: Mary McDonald. • Emily: Emily Drange. • Richard Farquar: Frank Kingdon. • Billy Porter: Wade Boothe. • Harry Burton: Jack Barker. Foundlings (6): Miss Rhinelander: Miss Kingsley. Miss Vanderbilt: Miss Otis. Miss Worth: Miss Maide. Miss Bryant: Miss Henderson. Miss Audubon: Miss Freeland. Miss Bowling Green: Miss Vernon. Children: Baby Dot, Dolly Tigue, Rita Murphy, Minerva Bartz. Boy: Frank Bages. Ensemble: Misses Mary McDonald, Barbara Dean, Alta King, Emily Drange, Vivian Vernon, Betty Williams, Hunter, DeBussy, Hanson, Platt, Wilson, Orville, LeRoy, Bowie, Lyle, Shand, Misses Donley, Mayer, Oliphant, Stanfield, Kingsley, Collings, Akers, Fenron, Otis, Parks, Closs, Maide, S. Vernon, Vreeland, Ford, Braham. ORIGINAL WEST END CAST - (Principals) Jimmie Spelvin: Seymour Beard Sally of the Alley, a Foundling: Dorothy Dickinson Otis Hooper, a Theatrical Agent: George Grossmith, Jr Duke of Czechogovinia: Leslie Henson Blair Farquar, an Only Son: Gregory Stroud Rosalind Rafferty, a manicurist: Heather Thatcher MUSICAL NUMBERS: Act 1 • The Night Time - Jimmy & chorus • On With the Dance - Otis • You Can't Keep A Good GIrl Down - Sally • Look For the Silver Lining - Sally and Blair • Silver Lining Dance - Sally • Sally - Blair & men's chorus