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Kwai finally sees that it is wrong of him to stand in his sister's way and tells her so. He resolves to support her in persuading Somchai to let her go. They walk home together, sharing the umbrella. Somchai is waiting for them back home. He tells them that Dawan must forget her dreams and marry Vichai and that Kwai must begin to pack for the city. Kwai says that he doesn't want to go and that even if he is forced to go he will deliberately fail his exams. Somchai becomes extremely angry and forbids either of them to go. But then Dawan speaks. For the first time she is calm and clear and very articulate. She says:"You are right, father. I am not going to the city school. I am not going because girls from this village have never gone to that school. That is how it's always been and it will never change. I am not going to the school because then other girls will want to go and learn to make choices about their own lives. I am not going to the school because the city is a dangerous place and will corrupt an innocent girl like me. I am not going to the school because the world is only an illusion and all I'll ever need to know is here. I am not going to the school because education is wasted on girls and when I come back no one will listen to what I have to say. I am not going to the school because you want me to marry a boy I don't like, or respect. And I am not going to the school because like all girls I will never be able to speak up for myself or say how I feel. Instead I must live my life like a bird, locked up in a cage ..." Everyone is amazed and moved by her words. Finally Somchai, seeing his daughter in a new light, and still with Somsri's pleading in his mind, relents and gives her his blessing. Two weeks later, the day she is due to go, she gets up early to sing her Morning Song to the sunrise once more. But this time Kwai is not with her. When she gets to the bridge she finds he is already there, unable to face the crowds that are beginning to gather to send her off. Although he had decided to support her, he is now feeling hurt and alone. Not only does he feel the pain of giving up his dreams but he also knows how much he will miss his sister. Dawan tells him she will always be thinking of him and that whenever he wants to feel close to her, all he has to do is sing the Morning Song for her. But Kwai refuses to say good-bye to her and their relationship seems irrevocably damaged. As the sun rises Dawan begins to sing the Morning Song but breaks down. It is too painful for her. She begins to leave. But as she's nearing home and the crowds that are waiting for her, she hears Kwai begin to sing. She turns round and he is standing on the bridge, singing to the dawn. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I • First beginnings - Company • Morning Song - Dawan • If I Win - Kwai, Dawan, company • My Child - Somchai, Somsri, Rachanee • Where Do You Run? - Kwai • `Cos Men Are Men - Vichai, Village Boys • The City - Somsri - Company • When All the Tears Have Dried - Dawan Act II • Market Beginnings - Bao, Company • All You Need To Know - The Abbot, Dawan • It Just Flies - Bao, Dawan, Company • A Time To Choose - Somsri • All the Tears Have Dried (reprise). Kwai, Dawan, Company • Morning Song (reprise) - Dawan, Kwai, Company CAST: - 3 female, 4 male • Dawan - (young girl) • Kwai - (her brother) • Somsri (her mother) • Somchai (her father) • Rachanee (her grandmother) • Chialardchai (teacher) • Abbot • Vichai - (pupil) • Bao • Takchit • Nara DISCOGRAPHY Original Singapore Cast Recording