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INSTRUMENTATION Violins A-C (2), B-D (Guitar), viola, cello, bass, clar (alto sax, bass clar), clar (alto sax, flute, pic), clar (tenor sax, bass sax, bass clar), clar (bari sax, alto sax, bass clar, oboe, Eng horn), horn, trumpets I-II-III, trombone I, II, III, harp, percussion, piano/conductor MUSICAL NUMBERS: Too Bad - Ivanov, Brankov, Bibinski, Hotel Staff Paris Loves Lovers - Steve Canfield, Ninotchka Stereophonic Sound - Janice Dayton It's a Chemical Reaction, That's All - Ninotchka All of You - Steve Canfield Satin and Silk - Janice Dayton Without Love - Ninotchka All of You (reprise) - Steve Canfield Hail, Bibinski - Ivanov, Brankov, Bibinski, French Comrades As On Through the Seasons We Sail - Steve Canfield, Ninotchka Josephine - Janice Dayton, Chorus Siberia - Ivanov, Brankov, Bibinski Silk Stockings - Steve Canfield The Red Blues - The Russians Finale - Entire Company CAST: - 33 roles - 9 principals (Total cast: 30 - 46) Ivanov, Brankov, Bibinski - comic Russians who don't want to go home - sing Boroff - escaped composer - straight role Steve - American, leading man, sings Vera - experienced dancer Commissar Markovitch comedy character man Ninotchka - lead, sings and dances Janice Dayton - movie actress (blonde bombshell) - sings and dances ORIGINAL CAST (in order of appearance): ss-ori Peter Ilyitch Boroff PHILIP STERLING. Hotel Doorman: Walter Kelvin. Hotel Manager: Stanley Simmonds. Flower Girl: Geraldine Delaney. Ivanov: HENRY LASCOE. Brankov: LEON BELASCO. Bibinski: DAVID OPATOSHU. Steve Canfield: DON AMECHE. First Commissar: Edward Becker. Guards: Lee Barry, Dick Humphrey. Vera: JULIE NEWMAR. Commissar Markovitch: GEORGE TOBIAS. Choreographer: Kenneth Chertok. Ninotchka: HILDEGARDE NEFF. Reporters: Edward Becker, Tony Gardell, Arthur Rubin. Janice Dayton: GRETCHEN WYLER. Pierre Bouchard: Marcel Hillaire.