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Act II The next day, Princess Fiona admits to being a "Morning Person" as she assists a Pied Piper in his ratcharming duties. Shrek brings down her mood by mocking her tragic childhood circumstances, and the two begin a contest of one-up-man-ship, each trying to out-do the other by revealing their respective pasts. Both admit to abandonment at the hands of their parents; this connection, as well as bonding over a love of disgusting bodily noises, kindles friendship. Meanwhile, back in Duloc, Lord Farquaad plans his wedding, and reveals his own sordid heritage. As Shrek and Fiona's new-found camraderie grows into love, Donkey insists, with the help of the Three Blind Mice, that Shrek should gather his courage and make a move. Shrek, finally beginning to come out of his caustic, protective shell, tries to find the words to explain his feelings to Fiona. While Shrek is out finding a flower for Fiona, Donkey discovers that Fiona turns into an ogress at night, and she confesses that she was cursed as a child, which is why she was locked away in the castle. Only a kiss from her true love will return her to her proper form. Shrek arrives near the end of the conversation and misunderstands Fiona's description of herself as an ugly beast to be referring him. Hurt by her presumed opinion, Shrek stalks off. The next day, transformed back to her human form, Fiona tries to explain her curse to Shrek, who rebuffs her. During the night, Shrek went to fetch Lord Farquaad, who arrives now to claim Princess Fiona. Donkey tries to explain the misunderstanding to Shrek, (who's too angry to listen), and Shrek rejects him as well, declaring that he will return to his swamp alone and build a wall against the outside world, be what the world says he should be - a monster - and never allow himself to feel any kind of love again. The fairy-tale creatures, now headed for a land-fill which is to be their new home, decide Farquaad's treatment of them is intolerable. Just because they are freaks, doesn't mean they deserve to be hated. Pinocchio, the Gingerbread Man, the Three Little Pigs, and all the others gather new confidence and strength as they declare they'll raise their "Freak Flag" high against their tormentors. Shrek returns to his again-private swamp, but he misses Fiona. Donkey follows him back, and convinces Shrek of his friendship by forgiving the ogre for his harsh words. Shrek apologises, and Donkey convinces him that Fiona really cares for the ogre. But the wedding is already underway. The duo interrupt the wedding before Farquaad can kiss Fiona, and Shrek is allowed to speak with her. Shrek finally finds the words that he's been searching for, and declares his love for Fiona, and his desire to share his world with her. His declaration of love is mocked by Lord Farquaad, but just then the exiled fairy-tale beings gate-crash the wedding and protest at their banishment. They are accompanied by a grumpy little dwarf, who is, in fact, Farquaad's father. Farquaad claimed earlier that Grumpy abandoned him in the woods as a child, but the dwarf reveals the true reason he kicked Farquaad out - he was 28 and living in Grumpy's basement. During the commotion, the sun sets, causing Fiona to turn into an ogress in front of everyone. Farquaad, furious and disgusted over the change, orders Shrek killed and Fiona banished back to her tower. As Farquaad proclaims himself the new king, Shrek whistles for the Dragon (she escaped the castle and followed Donkey back to the swamp), who crashes through the window and swallows Farquaad. Shrek and Fiona admit their love for each other and share a kiss; Fiona's curse is broken and she takes her true form: an ogress. She is ashamed of her looks, but Shrek declares that she is still beautiful. The two live happily ever after and everyone celebrates. CAST • Shrek • Princess Fiona • Donkey • Lord Farquaad • Pinocchio • Magic Mirror • Dragon Puppeteer • Gingy • Sugar Plum Fairy • Shoemaker's Elf • Duloc Performer • Blind Mouse • Mamma Bear • Young Princess Fiona • Teen Princess Fiona • Fairy Godmother • Magic Mirror Assistant • Bluebird • Young Shrek • Queen Lillian • Wicked Witch • Mama Ogre • Humpty Dumpty • Papa Bear • Thelonius