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to rehearse their roles and in the process, kiss for the first time (infuriating Parthy), Joe reprises the last few lines of “Ol’ Man River”. Weeks later, Magnolia and Ravenal have been a hit with the crowds and have fallen in love. As the levee workers hum “Ol’ Man River” in the background, he proposes to Magnolia, and she accepts. The couple joyously sings “You Are Love”. They make plans to marry the next day while Parthy, who disapproves, is out of town. Parthy has discovered that Ravenal once killed a man and arrives with the Sheriff to interrupt the wedding festivities. The group learns that Ravenal was acquitted of murder. Cap’n Andy calls Parthy “narrowminded” and defends Ravenal by announcing that he also once killed a man. Parthy faints, but the ceremony proceeds. Act II Six years have passed, and it is 1893. Ravenal and Magnolia have moved to Chicago, where they make a precarious living from Ravenal’s gambling. At first they are rich and enjoying the good life (“Why Do I Love You?”) By 1903, they have a daughter, Kim, and after years of varying income, they are broke and rent a room in a boarding house. Depressed over his inability to support his family, Ravenal abandons Magnolia and Kim. Frank and Ellie, two former actors from the showboat, learn that Magnolia is living in the rooms they want to rent. The old friends seek a singing job for Magnolia at the Trocadero, the club where they are doing a New Year’s show. Julie is working there. She has fallen into drinking after having been abandoned by Steve. At a rehearsal, she tries out the new song “Bill.” She appears to be thinking of Steve and sings it with great emotion. From her dressing-room, she hears Magnolia singing “Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man” for her audition, the song which Julie taught her years ago. Julie secretly quits her job so that Magnolia can fill it, without learning of her sacrifice. Ravenal visits his daughter Kim at the convent where she goes to school to say goodbye before leaving her forever (“Make Believe” (reprise)). On New Year’s Eve, Andy and Parthy go to Chicago for a surprise visit to their daughter Magnolia. Andy goes to the Trocadero without his wife, and sees Magnolia overcome with emotion and nearly booed off stage. Andy rallies the crowd by starting a sing-along of the standard, “After the Ball”. Magnolia becomes a great musical star. More than 20 years pass, and it is 1927. An aged Joe on the Cotton Blossom sings a reprise of “Ol’ Man River”. Cap’n Andy has a chance meeting with Ravenal and arranges his reunion with Magnolia. Andy knows that Magnolia is retiring and returning to the Cotton Blossom with Kim, who has become a Broadway star. Kim gives her admirers a taste of her performing abilities by singing an updated, Charleston version of “Why Do I Love You?” Ravenal sings a reprise of “You Are Love” to the offstage Magnolia. Although he is uncertain about asking her to take him back, Magnolia, who has never stopped loving him, greets him warmly and does. As the happy couple walks up the boat’s gangplank, Joe and the cast sing the last verse of “Ol’ Man River”. CAST - Principals - 5 male, 5 female Magnolia Hawkes Ravenal - A Singer Gaylord Ravenal - A Gambler Captain Andy Hawkes - Magnolia's Father Julie La Verne - a singer Joe - a Stevedore Parthy Ann Hawkes - Magnolia's mother Queenie - Joe's Girl Ellie May Chipley - a soubrette Frank Schultz - A character actor/singer Steve Baker - Julie's husband Windy Pete Rubber Face Vallon Faro Dealer Gambler Backwoodsman Jeb Three Barkers Old Sport Landlady Ethel Jake Announcer at the Trocadero Lottie Kim Drunks Children Men