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A room at the Foreign Office. An office in Scotland Yard Act II A night club. A park café terrace. A dress shop. The park. A flying saucer MUSICAL NUMBERS: • The Things That Are Done By A Don - Company • We Said We Wouldn't Look Back - Jane and Timothy • Find YOurself Something To Do - Timothy's Father, Mother & Aunt Prue • I Sit In the Sun - Jane • Oh, Look At Me! - Jane & Timothy • Hush-Hush - Uncle Clam, Fosdyke & Timothy • Out Of Breath - Company • Cleopatra - The Manager • Sand In My Eyes - Asphynxia • It's Easy To Sing - Jane, Timothy & Nigel • We're Looking For a Piano - Company • The Time Of My Life - Jane & the Tramp • The Saucer Song - Uncle Zed, Jane & Timothy • We Don't Understand Our Children - Jane's Mother & Timothy's Mother ORCHESTRATION There is no special arrangement for two pianos. For productions accompanied in this way, both pianists should play from the published piano/vocal score, the second using it as the basis for improvisation to give added depth and colour. Scores for Double Bass and Drums are available on hire. DISCOGRAPHY Salad Days (Original London Cast)