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QUEENIE A musical Comedy in 2 acts. Music by Ted Manning and Marvin Laird; lyrics and book by Ted Willis based on No Trees In the Street. Comedy Theatre, 22 June - 8 July, 1967. (20 perfs) SYNOPSIS Set in the London in the years just before World War II, when England hadn't completely dug itself out of the worldwide depression. Tommy is an aimless teenager who tries to escape his squalid surroundings by entering a life of crime. He falls in with local hoodlum, Wilkie, who holds the rest of the slum citizens in the grip of fear--including Tommy's own family. It chronicles Tommy's sordid progress from nickel-and-dime thefts to murder. This was the ballad tale of a young widow, the landlady of the Queen of Sheba public house, and her attempts to re-marry. She has her heart set on James, her barman, and to try and get him to propose to her, she pretends to take on a succession of three “trial” husbands: Tom, Dick and Harry. A sub-plot involves the love affair of a much younger couple. Notes: This “ballad-opera” began life as a short TV play – claimed to be the first ever play written entirely in verse. The musical adaptation retained the rhyming couplets in an attempt to re-create the “ballad” feel. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Ballad - James 2. Here Is the Key of the Door, Bill - Queenie, Polly, and Customer 3. Birthday Dance - Customers 4. I Can’t Help Remembering - Queenie 5. Queenie - Customers and Queenie 6. We’re Gonna Be Dead and Gone - Polly 7. Bill’s Dance - Bill 8. Special Kind of Man - Queenie and Polly 9. Starting from Now - Queenie, Polly, and Girls 10. Poor Poor Man - James, Bill, Tom, Dick, Harry 11. This Is the Meaning of Love - Queenie 12. Ballad (Reprise) - James 13. That’s Beautiful Tom, Dick, Harry 14. How Does He Look in the Morning? - Queenie 15. Now That the Kissing Has Started - Polly and Bill 16. Young People - James 17. I Feel Fabulous Tonight - Harry 18. Excuse Me for Speaking My Mind. - Queenie and James 19. Ballad (Reprise) - James 20. Finale - The Company. CAST: • Queenie • Dick • Polly • Albert • Bill • Fred • Tommy • Gertrude • Burton • Rosie • Harry • Miss R • Ellie • Charlie