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• Mina, the Serpent Charmer of Della Fontana's Troupe • Head Matron at the "Retreat of Peace," Borghovecchio • Betta, also a Caprimonte, neglected and allowed to run wild, afterwards "Queen of Brilliants" Postillions, Citizens, Work-people, Fisher-boys and Girls, Matrons etc. at Borghovecchio, Clients, Engaged Couples, Servants, etc. at Madame Engelstein's, Soldiers, Gardeners, Acrobats, Clowns, Pages, Heralds, Footmen, Council, Students, etc. SCENES AND SETTINGS • Act I: Piazza at Borghovecchio. • Act 2: Madame Engelstein's "Temple of Hymen." • Act 3: Villa overlooking Harbour at Borghovecchio.