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QUEEN HIGH A Musical Play : Music - Lewis E. Gensler; Lyrics - B.G. DeSylva; Book - Lawrence Schwab; additional songs by Bernard Green Ambassador Theatre, New York, NY - September 8, 1926 (378 perfs) Queen's Theatre, London - 2nd November, 1926 SYNOPSIS The storyline loosely concerns a rivalry between two businessmen that results in a game of poker. Whoever loses the game becomes the winner's servant for a year. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. It Pays to Advertise 2. Everything Will Happen for the Best 3. You'll Never Know 4. Don't Forget 5. Who? You! 6. Beautiful Baby 7. Weaker Sex, The 8. My Lady 9. Cross Your Heart 10. Sez You? Sez I! 11. Two Million Surplus Women 12. Brother Just Laugh It Off 13. I'm Afraid of You 14. Who'll Mend a Broken Heart? 15. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 16. Springtime 17. Oh, What a Lovely Day! 18. Queen High 19. Seems to Me Cast (in order of appearance) • Jimmy • Richard Johns • Garter models - Noddy, Jerry. Pat, Kitty • George B. Nettleton • T. Boggs John • Polly Nettleton • Mrs George B. Nettleton • Florence Cole • Jerry Vanderholt • Coddles • Garter Girls and Attendants at Eureka Novelty Company and Guests