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THE QUAKER GIRL by James T. Tanner, Adrian Ross, Percy Greenbank and Lionel Monckton Adelphi Theatre, London 5th November, 1910 - (536 perfs) Park Theatre, Broadway - 23 October, 1911 (240 perfs) The text was revised and the play revived at the London Coliseum on 25th May, 1944. This production closed owing to flying bombs, went on tour, and later opened again in London, this time at the Stoll Theatre in February, 1945 "THE QUAKER GIRL" then toured England and Scotland continuously from the Summer of 1945, until December, 1948, being received everywhere with great enthusiasm. STORY Original Version Prudence is the niece of Nathaniel and Rachel Pym, a prim and proper pair, who rule the Quaker Community of a pic-turesque English village. Into the serene atmosphere of this Community there arrives a certain exiled French Lady of great distinction, the Princess Mathilde, followed by Captain Charteris, to whom she is to be married. Charteris has armed himself with a special marriage licence and even more special 'best man' in the person of Tony Chute, of the American Embassy in Paris. The ceremony duly takes place in the village church in the presence of all the rustics who join in the festivities on the village green, among their number being Prudence who quickly attracts the attention of the highly susceptible Tony. Prudence, carried away by the life and gaiety of the scene, is induced to take a sip of wine by her wayward cousin, Jeremiah, but alas, at this moment, with the wine to her lips, Nathaniel, Rachel and other Quakers appear on the scene. They sternly command her to leave these sinful people and follow them. But life as a Quaker is so dull that she prefers to entrust herself to the care of, Madame Blum of the "Maison Blum", Paris, who is in attendance on the Princess. Madame Blum, with a practical eye to business, sees possibilities in the alluring simplicity of the Quaker dress, and thus we next see Prudence as a Mannequin in Madame's establishment in Paris where she herself becomes all the rage with the men, and her simple costume with the women. Princess Mathilde in company with. her maid Phoebe has also returned to France disguised as one of Madame's work girls. Among Prudence's admirers are Prince Carlo and Monsieur Duhamel, a distinguished senator. The prince invites them all to a Ball, but Tony, knowing the Prince's character, begs Prudence not to go. She is compelled to break her promise as the Princess is being hotly pursued by Monsieur Larose, Chief of Police. As the Prince has recognised Princess Mathilde amongst the work girls, he threatens to disclose her to Larose should Prudence not accompany him to the ball. For the sake of Mathilde, Prudence reluctantly breaks her promise to Tony, who is furious but when he learns the true reason, he sees the wisdom of it all and begs forgiveness for having doubted her. Thus the little story comes to a bright and happy end. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I - An English country village. 1. Chorus and Solo (Mrs. Lukyn) - Jarge, we've such a tale to tell 2. Entrance of Quakers and Double Chorus - While our worthy village neighbours 3. Song (Mathilde) - O, time, time! 4. Duet (Mathilde and Charteris) - Wonderful 5. Quartet (Mathilde, Phoebe, Charteris and Tony) - A Runaway Match