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• Opera Transition • Do You Hear A Country Tune? • Country Music is My Home • Voice Lesson • Two Roads Meet • If I Could Hold You • An Open Door • Ghost Town • Fly Away CLIVE (or OLIVE)- the Director of The Country Palace show GABRIELLA - 50ish- Italian opera star Solo vocals in: • Opening Song Act I • Opera Transition JUNE – back-up singer at The Country Palace MAJOR BILLY KINCAID- 50ish- husband of Sally Barker, the manager of The Country Palace Solo vocals in: • For Better, For Worse OFFICER TAMMY FAYE JUNE ELLIE FAY CRENSHAW Solo vocals in: • Serve and Protect MORT- Hollywood agent PATSY - back-up singer at The Country Palace SALLY BARKER - 50ish, diva at The Country Palace, wife of Kincaid, mother of Skipper Vocal solos in: • Hog Butcher’s Daughter • Drippy Ballad • For Better, For Worse • Country Music Is My Home • Sally Sings SKIPPER - Teen, son of Kincaid and Sally Barker Vocal solos in: • Did You Want To Hear A Country Tune? • Train of Adolescence